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Today's India is an exciting place to be a child in. Between our country's rich past and the future at our fingertips, there's so much to learn and discover. RobinAge Loves is a blog for discerning Indian parents who want to give their children the best of both these worlds.

We know you work hard so your child can have it all...and we are here to help you! This blog is a guide to what we think is the best stuff for kids, from books, toys and gift ideas to events, activities, workshops and parenting advice. 

Each post is labelled with useful categories. Use the labels to find more stuff in the category you are looking for. Books, toys and games have also been given a recommended age to help you find stuff that suits your needs. 

And if there's something you love that you'd like us to know about, just drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you.

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  1. very creative and inspiring work

    keep inspiring,
    Shruthi MH