10 Things to Do This Week (January 31 to February 06, 2019)

Attend a creative writing and grammar workshop at Sweetish House Mafia, Colaba, where you will learn the right use of vocabulary and sentence formation.
Date: February 9
Age: 7+ years
Call: 022-22828941
Website: www.bit.ly/GrammarCreativeWritingWorkshop
Attend the Japanese conversational course conducted by the Circular Square.
Date: February 10 to March 31
Age: 13+ years
Call: 09886145817
E-mail: contact@thecircularsquare.com
Website: www.thecircularsquare.com

Go and see the spectacular YS Science Show v2.0 organised by Jeune Scientist Private Limited and
have a fun time watching science being brought to life with simple experiments.
Date: February 10
Age: 7+ years
Call: 07200657181
E-mail: support@young-scientist.in
Website: www.bit.ly/YoungScientistShow

Register for the upcoming robotics workshop at Mechatron Robotics.
Date: February 3 to 24
Age: 6 to 15 years
Call: 096654 20484
E-mail: info@mechatronrobotics.com
Website: www.bit.ly/RoboticsWorkshopLink

Read a Book
The History of India for Children (From the Mughals to the Present ) Volume 2 by Archana Garodia Gupta & Shruti Garodia (Age: 8+ years)
This book is all about how India’s history changed with the coming of the Mughals, followed by the British Raj. This book is full of interesting, historically significant incidences that one does not read of in school textbooks.

For example, did you know, Mahatma Gandhi took his goat Nirmala, with him everywhere he went an even shipped it to London, so he could have fresh goat milk! If you are a trivia or history buff, read this book. Published by Hachette India and available on Amazon.in
Watch It 
Song of the Sea
'Song of the Sea' is a 2014 animated fantasy movie about Ben, a 10-year old Irish boy who learns that
his mute sister Saoirse, is a selkie, which means she can transform into a seal. He further learns that his sister needs to free fairy creatures from the Celtic goddess, Macha. Will Ben and his sister succeed in freeing them? Watch the film to find out.

Learn Something New
Make Spoon Puppets
All you need is some spoons; they can be wooden, plastic or steel. Use glue, felt paper, colours or beads to transform them into interesting dolls and puppets. You can make bats, squirrels, angels, giraffes and more with spoons. Check out these links for inspiration: www.bit.ly/WoodenSpoonCrafts and www.bit.ly/SpoonDollPuppets

Green World
Meet a New Plant: Citrullus lanatus
Citrullus lanatus, or watermelon, is a vine. It is native to Africa and is grown in many parts of the world. It grows well in warm temperatures under sunlight. A watermelon contains 90% water and is very healthy to consume. Over 1,200 varieties of watermelons are grown around the world. Though most watermelons are round or oval, Japan has grown a square watermelon too!

Meet a New Bird: Pithecophaga jefferyi
Pithecophaga jefferyi, commonly known as the Philippine eagle or monkey-eating eagle, is one of the world’s most powerful birds of prey. It feeds mainly on monkeys and lemurs.

It can see eight times the distance that human beings can. Its plumage is brown and white in colour and has a shaggy crest. It generally measures 86 to 102cms in length and weighs 4.04 to 8.0kgs.
Meet a New Animal: Phocoena sinus
Phocoena sinus, also known as vaquita, is one of the world’s most rare marine mammals. It is also considered as the smallest of all seven species of porpoises. They can be found in a small area in the extreme northern end of the Gulf of California, near Baja California, Mexico. They feed on fishes and squids.

What’s New?
Monster Floor Puzzle
The monster floor puzzle by Shumee has 24 puzzle pieces to join together to make 10 monsters. These monsters will teach you all about counting and colours.

Buy this product at www.bit.ly/MonstersFloorPuzzle
Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Bawu
Origin: China
The bawu is a traditional Chinese wind instrument, which is shaped like a flute. Believed to have originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China, the instrument has become popular throughout China. It is made out of bamboo.

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