10 Things to Do This Week (August 16 to August 22, 2018)

New Delhi
Culture Chauraha is holding an on-glaze painting workshop where children will learn different painting techniques required for ceramic surfaces.
Dates: August 27 to 31
Age: 12+ years
Call: 09871301841
Read a Book
Lachmi's War by Geeta Dharmarajan and Art by Shashi Setty (Age: 6+ years)
The evil asura Tobakachi wants to be the king of the world. According to him, one of the ways to do this is by ensuring that girls remain illiterate and are married off early. Very soon, girls are barred from going to school and forced to marry at a young age and produce children. However, Lachmi, a young village girl, is not ready to succumb to the whims and fancies of the adults, especially the male members, so she decides to fight for all the girls. Does she succeed? Read the book to find out. Published by Katha Books and available on Amazon.in

Watch It 
The Wind Rises
Awards Won: Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year 2014; New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Animated Film 2013; Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music 2014.

Synopsis: 'The Wind Rises' is an animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki for the production company Studio Ghibli. It is a fictionalised biopic of Jiro Horikoshi, chief engineer and designer of the Mitsubishi A5M fighter plane and the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, both of which were used by Japan in World War ll.

Learn Something New 
Bottle Cap Craft
Transform old bottle caps into different works of art. There are several things that you can make from them such as coasters, wall decorations, mini candles or even greeting cards. 

To get started, log on to www.bit.ly/PlasticBottleCapCraft
Music For Your Ears 
Know Your Instrument: Uilleann Pipes
Origin: Ireland
Uilleann pipes, also known as union pipes, is a traditional Irish bagpipe. The word 'uilleann' comes from the Irish word for 'elbow'. The instrument has a number of reeds, a bag and a bellow. The bag of the uilleann pipes is inflated by a small set of bellows. This instrument has developed somewhere between the mid-18th and early 19th century.

Green World
Meet a New Plant: Oxalis Triangularis
Oxalis triangularis is also known as the false shamrock plant or purple shamrock. It is a bulbous plant with triangular purple leaves and pink or white flowers, which bloom in spring and summer. 

This plant is quite easy to maintain as it requires direct or bright sunlight. However, it cannot tolerate moist soil.
Meet a new Bird: Eupetomena Macroura
Eupetomena macroura or the swallow-tailed hummingbird is regarded as one of the largest hummingbird species and measures up to 17cms. Adult males have bluish-green upper parts and green under parts, along with various other colours. 

Their head, throat and neck is blue with purple
specks; their wings range from dark brown to black. Adult females have a similar plumage, but they are much duller and smaller than adult males. These birds feed on nectar and insects.
Meet a New Animal: Vicugna Pacos
Vicugna pacos or the alpaca is a part of the Camelidae family, which includes llamas, guanacos, vicunas and Arabian and Bactrian camels. These furry animals can be found all over South America. There are two breeds of alpacas—Suri and Huacaya. Although alpacas and llamas seem alike, they are quite different from each other. 

For instance, alpacas are smaller and have short, straight ears
as compared to llamas, which have long, curved ears. Alpaca fur is used for knitting and weaving.

What's New ?
Plantable Rakhis
These plantable seed rakhis are made by farmers of Maharashtra. They contain seeds of various plants and can also be sown in the soil as manure. The rakhis cost between Rs.35 and 45 per piece.
To buy these rakhis call Shweta on 09373112912 or e-mail gramartproject@gmail.com

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