10 Things to Do This Week (June 14 to June 20, 2018)

Read A Book 
The Man From The Egg by Sudha Murty and Illustrated by Priyankar Gupta (Age: 10+ years)
According to Hindu belief, the gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are the omnipresent holy trinity, who are responsible for the survival of the human race and the world. Even though many books have been written on the three gods, there is a lot more to be explored and learnt. 

In this book, Murty unravels some of their secrets and tells you more about the most powerful gods in Hindu mythology. Published by Penguin India and available on Amazon.in
Watch It
Incredibles 2 
'Incredibles 2' is an American 3D computer-animated film—a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’. The movie starts where 'The Incredibles' ends. Mr Incredible stays back home to look after their children, Jack-Jack, Dash and Violet, while Mrs Incredible fights crime and saves the world.

But will Mrs Incredible be able to fight on her own or will she need the support of her incredible family? Watch the movie to find out.
Learn Something New 
Pastel Painting
Pastel painting is an art form that is done entirely with pastel sticks. The artist can use a combination of different pastel sticks, such as soft or hard pastel sticks and even pastel pencils to add finer details to the artwork. 

To know more log on to www.bit.ly/PastelTutorials
Green World 
Meet a New Plant: Murraya Koenigii
Murraya koenigii or the curry tree is found in tropical and subtropical regions. The plant grows best in well-drained soil and can be grown in pots too. The tree is a seasonal bloomer and one can spot fragrant white flowers on them. The plant’s elongated, glossy and aromatic leaves are used in cooking.
Meet a New Bird: Piranga Olivacea
Piranga olivacea or the scarlet tanager is a medium-sized songbird. This species has thick round bills, which are perfect for catching insects and eating fruits. They breed in deciduous and evergreen forests, mostly where oak, maple and beech trees are present. The adult male species have bright red bodies with black wings and tails and the adult female species and young ones have olive-yellow coloured body with darker wings and tails.

Meet a New Animal: Martes Zibellina
Martes zibellina or the sable is a small, omnivorous weasel-like creature that is found in many parts of Central and East Asia, including Siberia. It belongs to the Mustelidae family along with otters, badgers, weasels, ferrets, minks and wolverines. These animals have soft skin, which ranges in colour, from a light orange-brown to black. They feed on small mammals, birds, fish and even eggs.

Music For Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Pan Flute
Origin: Ancient Greece
The pan flute, also known as the panpipe, was called the syrinx by the ancient Greeks. This wind instrument is composed of numerous pipes, which are lined in a row. Sound is produced by the vibration of an airstream blown across an open hole at the end of a resonating pipe. The length of the pipe determines the sound. Pipes are thus of different lengths or are blocked at various points so that they produce different sounds.

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