10 Things to Do This Week (June 07 to June 13, 2018)

iRobokid is hosting workshops for children in robotics, computer animation, 3D modelling and printing.
Date: June 11 to 16
Age: 7+ years
Call: 09820288112
Website: www.irobokid.com

Read a Book
GITA: The Battle of the Worlds by Sonal Sachdev Patel & Jemma Wayne-Kattan and illustrated by Soumitra Ranade (Age: 10+ years)
11-year-old Dev has just lost his father and is not able to cope with the loss. He gets frustrated often and even lashes out at his younger brother. According to Sanjay–a strange tiny creature that he meets in his bedroom–Dev is frustrated because the wicked Prince Ego has taken control of his body and the only way he will stop feeling the way he is, is by defeating the Prince. Will Dev be able to defeat him and more importantly, will Dev be able to cope with his father’s loss? Read the book to find out. Published by HarperCollins and available on Amazon.in

Watch It: Wings Of Life
Narrated by Hollywood actress Meryl Streep, 'Wings of Life' is a stunning documentary about butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, bats and other flying creatures that contribute to the circle of life via pollination.

Made and released by Disneynature, the documentary tells us all about the importance of these tiny animals in human life.
Learn Something New
Ocean in a Bottle
On the eve of World Oceans Day, create your own mini ocean in a bottle. All you need is water, blue food colour, cooking oil, a large bottle, a funnel and a few shells. For ideas and inspiration, log on to www.bit.ly/OceanBottle
Green World
Meet a New Plant: Cornus Florida F Rubra
Cornus florida f rubra or the pink dogwood tree is a popular landscape tree that is often planted in commercial nurseries for its stunning floral beauty. It is drought tolerant and grows up to 25ft tall. In spring, the tree is full of pretty pink flowers, which turn a fiery red in autumn. In winters, the tree is filled with red fruits and its bark takes on an earthy cinnamon colour. The fruits of this tree are an important source of winter food for many songbirds, including robins, cardinals, waxwings and surprisingly, even wild turkeys.

Meet a New Bird: Caloenas Nicobarica
Caloenas nicobarica or the Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful and vibrant species of the pigeon family and the only living member of the genus caloenus. This rare bird can be spotted in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, southwest peninsular Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Solomon and Palau. The Nicobar pigeon is slightly larger than other pigeons and has a dark slate-grey body with lustrous, metallic blue-green and copper-bronze upper parts. These birds feed on fleshy fruits and seeds.

Meet a New Animal: Muntiacus Putaoensis
Muntiacus putaoensis, also known as Putao muntjac or leaf deer, is a species of the muntjac or small deer family that is found in northeastern Putao, Myanmar.

They stand 50cms tall and weigh up to 11kgs. They have excellent eyesight and sense of hearing.

Music For Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Hydraulophone
Origin: USA
Developed by Canadian researcher Steve Mann, a hydraulophone is a musical instrument that creates sounds using flowing water. This instrument is quite unusual and can be used to create music by both professionals and amateurs. However, a skilled player is more likely to produce a wider range of sounds. The instrument is played by blocking water from flowing out of one or more of the small holes on its surface. The hydraulophone is the world’s first musical instrument that makes sound from vibrations in water.

(Stock Image Courtesy ThinkStock)

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