10 Things to Do This Week (May 17 to May 23, 2018)

Summer Camp
Kshitij World is organising an adventure trip to Panchgani, which will be packed with a lot of activities like trekking, birdwatching, commando crossing, rock climbing and much more.
Date: June 10 to 13
Age: 9 to 13 years
Call: 09322181849

Read a Book
Alone by A Coven (Age: 8+ years)
One of the first books in the female protagonist collection by Duckbill Books, 'Alone' is about a character called Elizabeth who is going through a tough time at school. The school is on the verge of a major ideological change—it is adapting a holistic approach, where children are involved in interactive learning. What’s more, the management is changing too. Many parents are unhappy with this change and have pulled their children out. Elizabeth’s best friend, Pallavi, has thus left the school. In an attempt to make new friends, Elizabeth gets involved in a recipe project and in the process, discovers the roots of her school. But then, her project book goes missing! Will Elizabeth manage to pull herself together? Read the book to find out. Published by Duckbill Books and available on Amazon.in

Watch It: Village Rockstars
Awards Won: Best Feature
Film at the 65th Indian National Film Awards; Golden Gateway Award for Best Film in India Gold category at the JIO MAMI Film Festival 2017 and the Best Young Film at Muestra de Cine Lanzarote Spain 2017.

Synopsis: ‘Village Rockstars’ is an Assamese-language film about Dhunu, a 10-year-old girl who dreams of playing a guitar and forming her own rock band. However, life is not easy for her, as she lives in a society where girls are expected to be timid and submissive. Will Dhunu overcome these obstacles and fulfil her dreams? Watch the movie to find out.

Learn Something New
Duct Tape Crafts
You can make just about anything you want using only duct tape, including shoes, clothes, furniture, home decor and much more. It is very easy to work with, since duct tape is waterproof and comes in an amazing range of colours and patterns. You can use the tape to make sheets or weaves and then cut it into the right shape to make different products or stick the duct tape on prefabricated items. For more ideas log on to www.bit.ly/DIYHobby

Green World 
Meet a New Plant: Lamprocapnos Spectabilis
Lamprocapnos spectabilis, also known as bleeding heart or Asian bleeding heart, is a flowering plant species of Papaveraceae, the poppy family. It is native to Siberia, northern China, Japan and Korea. The plant grows well in moist, organic soil in shaded or partly-shaded areas. The heart-shaped pink and white flowers bloom from April to May.

Meet a New Animal: Puma Concolor
Puma concolor, also known as puma, mountain lion or cougar, is a large secretive cat found predominantly in the western hemisphere and can be spotted right from the mountainous region in southern Canada to the tip of South America. There are seven subspecies of puma, all of which share similar characteristics, but vary in colour and size. They have a thick coat of fur, which helps them keep warm during the winter. Their coat can vary from brown to yellow and grey to red, depending upon the subspecies and location. Cougars are incredibly powerful predators that are active mostly at dusk, night and dawn.

Meet a New Bird: Delichon Urbicum
Delichon urbicum, commonly called house martin, is a small bird with a glossy blue-black back and head cap and a pure white underbelly. These fork-tailed migrant birds can be spotted in the UK during the summer and in Africa during winter. They can be found nesting in and around towns and villages and can also be seen swooping over lakes and rivers, catching flying insects and other invertebrates.

Music For Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Vibraslap
Origin: USA
The Vibraslap is a relatively new instrument that was originally created by Latin Percussions, an American musical company. It is believed to have been designed along the lines of the delicate rattling horse jawbone. The instrument produces sound when a player hits the ball end with his or her palm. Different tones can be produced by simply rotating the sound chamber inside the body. The instrument is made from wood and metal.

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