10 Things to Do This Week (May 10 to May 16, 2018)

Sefi George is conducting canvas painting workshops at Summer Scribbles.
Date: May 12 and 19
Age: 7+ years
Call: 09833212356
New Delhi
Team Orange Octopus is conducting Lego animation workshops for children.
Date: May 14 to 18
Age: 4 to 8 years
Call: 08527770736

The AN Original Fashion Academy is conducting a fashion course where participants will learn sewing, designing, fashion illustration and accessory designing.
Date: May 13 to 22
Age: 10+ years
Call: 09850740318

Team Forum Art Gallery is conducting art and craft workshops for children.
Date: May 14 to 17
Age: 5+ years
Call: 044-42115596

Summer Camp
Kalakrruti is organising a camp for children at Dandeli, Karnataka. The camp will include adventure activities, water sports, a jungle safari and a campfire.
Date: May 23 to 28
Age: 10 to 16 years
Call: 07666266065

Read a Book 
Sacked Folktales You Can Carry Around by Deepa Agarwal and illustrated by Anupama Apte (Age: 6+ years)
Deepa Agarwal has written 15 stories that take the reader into a new world. The stories teach many lessons–from working hard to being adventurous–but beyond that, they teach readers to be sensitive and empathetic towards others. It is a fascinating collection of short stories from various genres—humour, adventure and fantasy. In ‘Sacked! Folktales You Can Carry Around’, the readers will meet a talking parrot, a flying horse, a foolish jackal and a wise king. Read on and be inspired. Published by Harper Collins and available on Amazon.in

Watch It 
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Awards Won: Young Artist Award for Best Family Feature Film–Animation

Synopsis: Set in the Old West, this animated feature is about Spirit, a mustang born in the wild, who has been captured by cruel cavalry officers. 

Spirit defies all their efforts to brand, shoe and break him, but will he manage to free himself? Watch the movie to find out.
Learn Something New
Ice Dyeing
Add a splash of colour to your old whites or to any fabric by ice dyeing them. All you need is some ice cubes, fabric, powdered dye, a plastic container, a wire rack, rubber gloves, soda ash, spoons and a stainless steel or wooden stirring tool. To get started, soak your fabric in water and then twist it around itself. Place ice cubes on the cloth and then sprinkle some cloth dye over it. Let the ice melt. Wash the fabric in salted water to help fix the dye. For more information log on to www.bit.ly/IceDyeingDIY

Green World
Meet a New Plant: Millettia Pinnata
Millettia pinnata, also known as the Indian beech tree, is a fast growing, multipurpose evergreen tree. It is one of the few nitrogen-fixing trees that produce seeds containing oil. This oil is extracted and used in various industries. Apart from the seeds, the wood of the tree is used for fuel, its ashes are used as a dyeing agent, its fibrous bark can be made into ropes and the leaves are used as fodder. It has pea-shaped white, pink or purple blossoms, which are filled with pollen.

Meet a New Animal: Bos Taurus
Bos taurus, also known as highland cattle, is an old Scottish breed of cow that is bred primarily for its meat. Standing at 3 to 3.5ft tall and weighing between 400 to 1,000kgs, these animals have a thick double layer of long orange hair that protects them from the harsh climate of the Scottish Highlands. They have a double horn that helps them dig through thick snow to find vegetation and protect them from predators. The Bos taurus is herbivorous and found in parts of Europe, North America and Australia.

Meet a New Bird: Pharomachrus Mocinno
Pharomachrus mocinno, commonly known as the resplendent quetzal, is one of the most vibrant and colourful birds on Earth. They are found in the mountainous and tropical forests of Central America. 

The national symbol of Guatemala, these birds are omnivorous and feed on small creatures, insects, lizards and fruits. Sources say that the birds’ colourful feathers were worn by Mayans, Aztecs and priests during ceremonies.

Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Xun
Origin: China
Xun or the Chinese vessel flute is one of the most ancient known Chinese instruments with approximately 8,000 years of history. The instrument is egg-shaped with a flat bottom and five finger holes on its body. There are three holes in the front and two at the back. To play the instrument, the player blows across the hole that is present on the top of the instrument while holding it by placing his or her thumb inside the two holes present at the back of the instrument.

(Stock Image Courtesy ThinkStock)

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