10 Things to Do This Week (April 19 to April 25, 2018)

Read a Book
Kabir And the Silver Spoon by Vinita Srimal Garg and illustrated by I N Srividya (Age: 10+ years)
12-year-old Kabir is on his way to his ancestral village in Jamwana, Rajasthan where he will spend his Durga Puja holidays with his mother and pet dog, Hingoliya. Once they reach the village, Kabir realises that his ancestral haveli stands on the land where a palace called Jamwant once stood. Jamwant was part of the legendary Jamwant Empire that flourished till it was wiped out by a natural calamity caused by an evil magician’s curse. The land was known for a talking silver spoon, a singing river, a bird that made predictions, a wish-fulfilling tree and lot more. Join Kabir as he unravels the secrets of the magical kingdom of Jamwant. Published by Mango Books and available on Amazon.in

Watch it: Paper Planes
Awards Won: Young Critics Club Award for Best Children’s Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival and Best Original Screenplay at the 5th AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Awards.
Synopsis: ‘Paper Planes’ is an Australian 3D children’s drama about Dylan, a young boy living in Australia with his father. He is trying to deal with the death of his mother and channels his grief by making paper airplanes. He soon becomes skilled at the art and takes part in the World Paper Plane Championship in Japan. To see what happens next, watch the movie.
Learn Something New
Coaster Making
Often found on tabletops, coasters are used to protect surfaces from scratches, spills and other forms of damage. Coasters can be made from various materials like layers of cardboard, coils of recycled paper, painting on ceramic tiles, painting on fabric, rolling rope and a lot more. 

To know more log on to www.bit.ly/CoasterMakingIdeas
Green World
Meet a New Plant: Kigelia Africana 
The Kigelia africana tree, also known as a sausage tree because of the large sausage-shaped fruits that hang from it, is native to sub-Saharan central Africa and South Africa. The 60ft-tall tree grows in well-drained soil. The tree’s blood-red flowers bloom at night on long rope-like stalks that hang down from its branches. Its fragrant nectar attracts fruit bats, insects, bush pigs, baboons, duikers, impalas and lovebirds. Although the fruit cannot be consumed, its pulp is used to treat skin ailments. The trunk and roots of the tree are also used to make ‘mekoros’ or traditional canoes.

Meet a New Animal: Panthera Pardus Orientalis
Panthera pardus orientalis, also known as the Amur leopard, Manchurian leopard or Korean leopard, is a subspecies of leopard with a thick coat of long dense hair varying in colour, from creamy yellow to rusty orange depending upon its habitat. Amur leopards live in Russia and parts of China. Like other leopards, the Amur leopards can run at speeds up to 60kms/hr and also leap more than 19ft horizontally and 10ft vertically. These solitary animals live for 10 to 15 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity.

Meet a New Bird: Icterus Gularis
Icterus gularis or the Altamira oriole is native to Mexico and Central America. These orioles are bright orange and black in colour with a long tail, black bib and back, orange shoulders, white wingbar and a white spot on black wings. The bill of the Altamira oriole is thick and black. These birds live in trees, open woodlands and feast on insects, fruits, dead grasshoppers and fruits. The nests, which are made from fibres and roots, are found hanging from the fork of tree branches or from telephone wires. They are said to be the longest amongst any other North American bird and can measure up to 65cms in length.

Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: AlphaSphere
Origin: United Kingdom
The AlphaSphere is an electronic musical instrument and MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) controller that was introduced to the world in 2012 by Nu Desine, an award-winning company in Bristol, UK. The instrument has a distinctive design made up of 48 elastic, pressure-sensitive pads formed in a modular spherical structure. The instrument is perfect for composition, performance and production.

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