10 Things to Do This Week (April 05 to April 11, 2018)

 1. Workshops 
Bombay Natural History Society is conducting a bird-watching camp at Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
Date: April 8
Age: 10+ years
Call: 022-22821811
Website: www.bnhs.org

New Delhi
Studio ASOT is conducting a paper origami workshop.
Date: April 8
Age: 12+ years
Call: 0124-4842534/ 09599595152
Bloom and Grow is conducting a minimalistic watercolour artwork workshop.
Date: April 8
Age: 12+ years
Call: 07259280949
Ekattha-The Design Faktory is conducting a zentangle and doodle workshop.
Date: April 8
Age: 14+ years
Call: 09922490501
2. Read a Book
Nautanki Diaries by Dominic Franks (Age: 12+ years)
A true-life story, ‘Nautanki Diaries’ is a travelogue written by sports broadcaster Dominic Franks. The book is a first person account of Franks’ bicycle trip from Bengaluru to Delhi. He and his team were on the road for 23 days where they travelled a distance of 2,100kms to arrive in Delhi in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The book traces Franks’ journey from the time he poured over maps, plotted routes and alternate routes, planned breaks, studied videos of other cyclists who had tried their hand at cross-country travels to when he finally sat on the seat of his Herculus DTS and travelled across the length of the country. ‘Nautanki Diaries’ is a collection of Franks’ learnings and thoughts, his experiences and bare facts about India. One of the basic premises to write this book was his hope that it would inspire readers to do something similar. Published by Rupa Books and available on Amazon.in

3. Watch It: Wall E
‘Wall E’ is a sci-fi adventure that is set many years into the future. The Earth is full of trash and toxins and has been abandoned by mankind centuries ago, but somebody forgot to turn off the last robot, WALL-E (an acronym that stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). Wall-E’s only friend is a cockroach… but there’s more that awaits him. The movie has few dialogues and is a perfect watch for kids of all ages. It teaches children the importance of recycling.

4. Learn Something New 
Découpage refers to the practice of covering an object with paper cutouts and using a special adhesive coating such as wallpaper adhesive to protect and seal the finished design. One can use pictures of one’s choice to cover any surface, like a desk or wall. All that is needed to be done is to cut images, place them to create a design of one’s choice and then use an adhesive to keep them in place. Once all the images are glued on, a thin layer of adhesive needs to be applied on top of the project to seal and protect the work. To learn more about découpage log on to www.bit.ly/DecoupageIdeas

5. Log On 
This is an education website about endangered species and the efforts taken to save them. Bagheera was created by endangered species journalist Craig Kasnoff in 1996 as part of Microsoft’s Global Schoolhouse Project. Today, it has become a comprehensive information hub with news reports, videos and spotlights on the fauna of the world.

6. What's New? 
Grab A Word
‘Grab A Word’ is a simple word game that teaches logical thinking while forming words. The game comprises a game board, 100 tiles and a sand timer. Children are required to observe the letters on the game board and those made by their co-players and then create their own words.

In the process, players can grab words from each other or simply take it from the pile of letters on the board. ‘Grab A Word’ can be bought online.

7. Pay it Forward 
Society for Transformation, Inclusion and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS) is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards sports, education, health and skill development of children across India. With its varied programmes, training camps and tournaments, the NGO is the largest organisation that works towards youth development through sports. The NGO has training centres in over 4,000 villages across seven states in India. STAIRS reaches out to underprivileged children. To know more about the organisation or for volunteering opportunities, log on to www.stairs.org.in or E-mail: info@stairs.org.in

8. Little Green Finger 
Meet a New Plant: Carissa Carandas
Carissa carandas or karonda is an evergreen spiny shrub that grows in tropical, Mediterranean and subtropical climates. The plant requires a lot of sunlight and slightly acidic well drained soil. The plant flowers from March to May. The fruits of this plant turn from white to pink to black in a three-month period. The fruits can be preserved to make pickles, jams and can also be candied.

9. Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Yaybahar
Pronunciation: yay-bahr
Origin: Istanbul
The yaybahar is an acoustic instrument designed by Turkish musician Görkem Şen. What’s interesting about this instrument is that there are many ways to play it.

For instance, you could drag a mallet across it for a shimmery sound, pluck and strum the vertical strings or drum it.

10. Bit by the Travel Bug 
Place to Visit: Neora Valley National Park, West Bengal 
Neora Valley National Park, located in Kalimpong district, West Bengal, is a nature lover’s paradise with its rich and exotic flora and fauna. The park is home to the rare Red panda, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan tahr and clouded leopards. Some of the other interesting sites close to the park are the Lava Monastery, Loleygaon and Kolakham village. You can reach the park by car or the local North Bengal State Transport Bus.

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