10 Things to Do This Week (January 04 to January 10, 2018)

1. Workshops:
Artist Manju Panchal has organised a charcoal drawing and sketching workshop. 
Date: January 13
Age: 4+ years
Call: 09820683983

New Delhi
Ptah and artist Bahadur Singh have organised an oil painting workshop. At this workshop, children will learn how to create oil paintings using a knife.
Date: January 14
Age: 10+ years
Call: 07503419644
Samahaara is hosting a theatre workshop where children will learn the basics of stage acting, movement, stage geography and improvisation.
Date: January 6 to 25
Age: 8 to 13 years
Call: 08341120303
Sanskriti Gurukul is conducting a kite making workshop where children will learn how to make kites and fly them too.
Date: January 28
Age: 3+ years
Call: 09845869407

2. Read a Book:
The Best Baker in the World by Raja Sen and illustrated by Vishal K Bharadwaj (Age: 7+ years)
'The Best Baker in the World' is a story about a famous baker named Don Vito Cannoli, who happens to be an owl. His creations are so good that no one can resist them. What’s more, he is also a jolly good owl who gives away mouth-watering desserts for free! However, one day, he slips and falls. Cannoli is now forced to take a break and rest. Does he lose his customers or does his famous bakery survive without him? Read this beautifully illustrated book, which is written in the form of a poem, to find out. Published by Penguin India and available on Amazon.in

3. Watch It: Paddington 2
'Paddington 2' is a sequel of the 2014 British film 'Paddington' that is based on the stories of Paddington Bear, created by Michael Bond. In the movie, Paddington has become a very popular bear who offers emotional support to practically everyone. It is Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday and Paddington has set his eyes on the perfect gift for her—a unique pop-up book in Samuel Gruber’s antique shop. To be able to pay for the gift, Paddington takes on several odd jobs like that of a window cleaner and hair dresser. However, when he has just enough money to buy the book, Paddington witnesses the book being stolen by a bearded thief! And believe it or not, Paddington is wrongly accused of the crime! Is Paddington able to prove his innocence? To find out, watch this fascinating movie.

4. Learn Something New
Rock Painting
Bringing life and colour to dull rocks is a fun way to spend your free time. To start rock painting, you need to first find some flat and smooth rocks. Wash them thoroughly and once the rocks have dried up, you can start painting them with acrylic paints. Apply at least two to three coats of each colour to get a glossy shine on them. Once painted, cover the rocks with a sealer or varnish, which you can buy online or from a stationery store. This will protect the paint from chipping. Once your rocks are ready, you can gift them or sell them too!

This website is full of unique colourful craft ideas to try at home. It teaches you how to make bread paint, salt dough, homemade sidewalk paint, papier-mâché, spaghetti paint and more. It also has a lot of theme-based crafts on subjects including animals, birds, holidays, seasons and edible art.

6. What's New?
Funskool Travel Mastermind
Mastermind is a code game that requires two players—a code maker and a code breaker.

This classic game of logic and deduction is perfect for kids aged above eight years.

It challenges mental skills and helps develop cognitive ability. It’s a perfect birthday gift and can be bought on Amazon.in
7. Pay it Forward
Feeding India
Feeding India is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards eradicating hunger and malnutrition by putting an end to food waste. The organisation collects excess food from private homes, events like weddings and birthday parties and corporate offices and then brings it to all those who are hungry and food-less. The organisation also encourages school students to join its campaigns and conduct food donation drives and awareness drives. To know more log on to www.feedingindia.org E-mail: contact@feedingindia.org

8. Little Green Finger
Meet a New Plant: Dendrobium Nobile
Dendrobium nobile belongs to the orchid family. It is considered to be one of the most widespread ornamental plants from the orchid family. The plant has lavender or deep purple flowers with a burgundy blotch at the centre. Both the petals and sepals of the flower have wavy edges. The flowers usually last for two to three months and will last even longer if placed in a cool and dry spot away from direct sunlight. The plant has adapted to many habitats ranging from the high altitudes of the Himalayas to lowland tropical forests and even to the dry climate of the Australian desert. It is also the official state flower of Sikkim.

9. Music for your Ears
Know your Instrument: Maracas 
Pronunciation: muh-raa-kaas
Origin: South America
Maracas are believed to have been invented by the Tainos—the native Indians of Puerto Rico. The
instrument was originally made from the fruit of the higuera tree that is indigenous to Puerto Rico. It was made by removing the pulp from the fruit and drilling holes into the hard, outer covering. It was then filled with tiny pebbles. A stick was then fitted on as a handle. Today, the instrument is made out of plastic, wood or metal. The instrument is like a rattle and it can only produce music if it’s shaken. It is usually played in pairs.

10. Bit by the Travel Bug
Place to Visit: Koroli
Koroli in Maharashtra is a hill station that is just two and a half hours away from Mumbai. This lush green hill station is pleasant throughout the year and is a perfect weekend getaway. Since Koroli is 45 minutes away from Nashik, one could opt to stay in Nashik too. When in Koroli, don’t forget to visit Maharashtra’s first trekking institute, Anjaneri Fort, Dugarwadi Waterfall, Vaitarna Lake and the Sahyadri Mountain Range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can reach Koroli by road or rail.

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