10 Things to Do This Week (December 14 to December 13, 2017)

Take part in activities like horse riding and live pottery at the 2nd Sion Carnival hosted by New Hope Foundation.
Date: December 15 to 17
Age: 3+ years
Call: 09820522841

New Delhi
Enjoy a host of fun activities for kids at the 13th edition of Krackerjack Karnival.
Date: December 16 & 17
Age: 2+ years
Call: 08826798171

Learn how to make Christmas ornaments and a manger, decorate a Christmas tree and lots more at the Christmas Delights Workshop.
Date: December 17 & 24
Age: 5 to 12 years
Call: 09885956728

All India Anglo Indian Association Bangalore Branch is hosting an Annual Carnival.
Date: December 16
Age: 1+ years
Call: 09845869407

2. Read a Book 
An Alphabet: Fold-Out A-Z by Oliver Jeffers (Age: 1 to 4 years)'
An Alphabet: Fold-Out A-Z' is a delight to look at and read! Creatively designed, the book is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. The book adds new words to the vocabulary and pushes children into thinking out of the box. 

For example, where most of us would say 'A' is for 'apple', the book teaches you that 'A' is also for 'astronaut'. The book is full of hand-drawn images. Published by Harper Collins.

3. Watch It: COCO
'Coco', a new movie from Pixar, is plotted around 12-year-old Miguel's family history. Miguel wants to be a rock star just like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, but an ancestral ban on music prevents Miguel from following his dream. 

In a desperate attempt to break the family curse, he magically ends up in a surprisingly colourful land of the dead where he meets a friendly trickster, Hector. Together, they go on a fascinating journey to reveal the secrets of Miguel’s family history.

4. Learn Something New 
Making a Bookmark 
If you love reading, then you should try your hand at making a bookmark. Bookmarks can be made from paper, cardboard and cloth. You can paint your favourite character on it or make a pop-up bookmark too! 

To make your own bookmarks log on to www.robinage.com/arts-andcrafts/ kite-bookmark.htm or www. robinage.com/arts-and-crafts/funbookmarks.htm

5. Log On 
Mocomi.com teaches children almost all the subjects they learn in school, like mathematics, sciences, civics, history, geography, arts and languages. The site also lists a wide range of crafts and recipes and some fun games too.

6. What's New? 
Peppa Pig's Wipe-Clean First Writing Book 
This colourful wipe-clean activity book is for kids who need to practise or improve their handwriting. It teaches kids how to hold a pen, write both numbers and letters by tracing them and eventually write small simple words. 

More importantly, the book is environment friendly—all kids need to do is wipe the book with a wet cloth and start writing all over again. The book is available on Amazon.in

7. Pay It Forward SayTrees 
SayTrees is an NGO that has been founded by a group of software engineers who are passionate tree lovers. The organisation raises awareness on the importance of preservation and conservation and encourages everybody to participate in tree-plantation campaigns. Since its inception in 2007, SayTrees has conducted more than 50 tree plantation drives. Volunteering at SayTrees involves spreading the message on the importance of conservation. To know about the organisation or to volunteer for it, log on to www.saytrees.org or contact info@saytrees.org

8. Little Green Fingers 
Meet a New Plant: Cassia Fistula 
Cassia fistula or the golden shower tree, also known as Indian laburnum, is a wide deciduous flowering tree that is found in parks all over India. When the tree is in full bloom, it is filled with long clusters of bright yellow flowers. 

The tree can grow up to 50ft in height. The tree is valued for its medicinal properties as its fruit pulp, roots, flowers, leaves and bark are used to heal ailments.

9. Music For Your Ears 
Know Your Instrument: Adufe 
Pronunciation: ah-du-fay
Origin: Portugal
The adufe is a square or rectangular pine drum that is 12 to 22 inches long and 1 to 2 inches thick. The outer covering of the instrument is made of goatskin, which is sewn or nailed onto a frame. Before attaching the outer cover to the drum, the drum maker places various kinds of objects such as bells, dried seeds, bottle caps, mettle nuts or jingles between the two layers such that they make a sound. The instrument is played in many religious and non-religious events. It is also played during charamba, a traditional Portuguese circle dance that is performed by couples. People who play the adufe are called adufeiras.

10. Bit by the Travel Bug 
Place to Visit: Sakleshpur, Karnataka 
Sakleshpur is a beautiful hill station located 40kms to the west of Hassan in Karnataka. Apart from coffee, Sakleshpur is famous for its cardamom and pepper plantations. Sakleshwar is also known for its trekking routes along the wild mountain wildernesses of Bisle (Bisilu) Ghat. This region has the largest Shola forests in Karnataka. Often referred to as the poor man’s Ooty, Sakleshpur can be reached by road and rail.

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