10 Things to Do This Week (December 07 to December 13, 2017)

Sunil Gogia will host a spray painting workshop.
Date: December 9
Age: 8+ years
Call: 09820098755
Website: www.space118.com

New Delhi
The Delhi Art Crawl by The CraftSutra is a one-day workshop where participants can express their creativity in three different ways at three separate locations.
Date: December 10
Age: 16+ years
Call: 08447367821
E-mail: thecraftsutra@gmail.com
Website: www.bit.ly/TheCraftSutra

Children can enjoy a lot of fun activities like wall climbing, bull riding, carnival games and a lot of other interesting stuff at the Carifest Christmas Carnival.
Date: December 9
Age: 3+ years
Call: 09108904249
E-mail: contact.carifest@gmail.com
Website: www./bit.ly/CarifestChristmasCarnival


Children can enjoy fun workshops like mime, theatre, dance, music, puppetry, ventriloquism, Kalaripayattu, traditional painting, pottery, sculpture, storytelling, fabric painting, junk art and magic at TIFLI, the 4th International Theatre Festival for Children.
Date: December 7 to 10
Age: 3 to 14 years
Call: 09849835505
E-mail: tiflihyderabad@gmail.com

2. Read a Book
Sachin Tendulkar: Chase Your Dreams (Age: 8+ years)

In 'Sachin Tendulkar: Chase Your Dreams', Tendulkar takes the reader on a quick trip through his life—from the time he received his first Kashmir willow cricket bat as a five-year-old to the time he became known as the world’s 'Little Master'. The book is filled with memories, anecdotes and interesting tid-bits. For example, the book tells readers that Tendulkar’s first bat was a gift from his sister, Savita, and was bought in Kashmir and that he was a ball boy during the 1987 World Cup match between India and Zimbabwe. The book is an interesting read that will help you get to know the Little Master better. Published by Hachette India and available on Amazon.in

3. Watch It
My Little Pony: The Movie
'My Little Pony: The Movie' is an animated movie that is based on the television series, 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'. In the movie, all the ponies of Equestria are prepping for their first Friendship Festival. The festival is being supervised by Princess Twilight Sparkle in Canterlot. However, their preparations are interrupted by an invasion of wild storm creatures who are controlled by Tempest Shadow, a brokenhorned unicorn who uses his magical obsidian orbs to scare Princess Twilight and her friends. Soon Princess Twilight and her friends, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy, flee the place. Do they manage to combine forces and fight Tempest Shadow? Watch the movie to find out.

4. Learn Something New: Sock Puppet
Making a sock puppet is super easy. All you need is a clean pair of socks that fit your hand. The sock can be of any colour, design or material. Once you have your sock, depending on the design on it, you can use it to make a puppet of a wild animal, a bird or even a reptile! For step-by-step instructions, log on to  www.robinage.com/arts-and-crafts/monster-sockpuppet.htm
5. Log On

This website is a great place to learn the basics of mathematics, languages and arts. One can also improve one’s cognitive skills by playing the educational games listed on this site. It also has a lot of information on various countries and their capitals, which helps one brush up on general knowledge.

6. What's New
Snap-Fit Gift Box

This make-it-yourself suitcase is a great gift pack. All you need to do is assemble it, fill it with various goodies and gift it! This product does not require glue to hold it together and can be assembled and dissembled in less than five minutes, making it quicker than gift wrapping paper! 

What’s more, the gift box is so sturdy that it can fit 500gms of sweets. To buy this product, log on to www.propshop24.com

7. Pay it Forward
Compassionate Children’s Club

Compassionate Children’s Club is an initiative of the NGO, In Defence of Animals (IDA) India. The main aim of this club is to encourage children and young adults to become sensitive to the needs of animals and more importantly, have a compassionate heart. At the club, children will take part in easy-to-perform and enjoyable activities like essay and poetry writing, drawing and painting competitions and poster and card making. Most of the activities will be online so that children can participate in competitions from home or during their free time and submit their entries by e-mail. Once you become a member, you can send in your articles and participate in exciting competitions for which you shall receive prizes. To know more, call 022-24170017, e-mail: info@idaindia.org or log on to www.idaindia.org

8. Little Green Finger 
Meet a New Plant: Lagerstroemia Speciosa
Lagerstroemia speciosa or pride of India is indigenous to South Asia. This plant is much bigger than the commonly grown Lagerstroemia indica. The 60ft-tall plant has an attractive bark it is smooth,spotted and often peels. The colourful flowers bloom during summer and the leaves turn a fiery red just before they fall off in winter. These plants are also known as crepe myrtles because the flowers look like they are made from delicate crepe paper. India Post issued a postal stamp featuring these flowers, which are also the state flower of Maharashtra.

9. Music For Your Ears 
Know Your Instrument: Balalaika 
Pronunciation: bah-la-lai-kah
Origin: Russia
The balalaika is a triangular stringed musical instrument from Russia. Traditionally, the balalaika was made from wood and was played as a solo instrument at village festivities, fairs and celebrations. However, today there are different types of balalaikas such as the bass-balalaika and the electric balalaika that is played at rock concerts! The instrument also has a day in its honour—International Balalaika Day is celebrated on June 23.

10.Bit by the Travel Bug 
Place to Visit: Marari Beach, Kerala
Marari Beach is situated in the Alappuzha district of Kerala. This beach is full of lovely coconut and palm trees and is very serene and peaceful. If you like adventure sports, you can try your hand at sea surfing, parasailing, water skiing and deep-sea fishing. You can also visit Hindu and Christian pilgrimage sites, the Dutch Palace and the magnificent Chinese fishing nets. The best time to travel here is between November and April. Marari Beach can be reached by air, rail or road.

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