10 Things to Do This Week ( August 17 to 23, 2017)

1. Workshops
Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is conducting a Ganesh Chaturthi special clay modelling workshop where you will be taught to sculpt your own Ganesh idol from clay. 
Date: August 20 
Age: 5 years and above 
Call: 022-23731234 
Website: www.bdlmuseum.org
Pagdandi is conducting a storytelling workshop based on mystic tales from different faiths. 
Date: August 19 
Age: 10 years and above 
Call: 07755908525/ 09552595215 
Website: www.pagdandi.org

Honey Bees Nature Club is conducting a gardening workshop. 
Date: August 19 
Age: 4 years and above 
Call: 09980929678 

New Delhi 
The Learning Brush is conducting an inquisitive workshop about the world of dinosaurs. 
Date: August 19 
Age: 3 to 10 years 
Call: 08447993385

2. Read a Book
A Perfect Match by Ramendra Kumar and Niloufer Wadia (Age: 3+years)
This book is about Dadaji, a 65-year-old former banker; Dadiji, a former school principal; and their grandchildren, Sakshi and Saket. The kids often play hockey in an abandoned park, which is divided into two fields—one for the boys and one for the girls. The boys and girls are mentored by Dadaji and Dadiji and their teams are named Halwas and Jalebis, respectively. The book is the story of an epic hockey battle between the Halwas and Jalebis. This 20-page book is easy to read and is full of colourful pictures. Published by Pratham Books.

3. Watch It
Monsters Inc.
A 2001 release, ‘Monsters Inc.’ introduces you to the scary world of monsters. Like humans, monsters also live in a world that has cars and huge buildings. All the monsters work for Monsters Inc., a company that generates power by tapping into the energy produced by the screams of children. In this world, they believe children are toxic. 

However, one day a child clings onto the top-scarer James Sullivan and his one-eyed partner Mike and enters the world of the monsters. The duo try to take the child back before it’s too late. Does the child go back peacefully? Watch the movie to find out. 

A 3D version of the movie was released in 2012 and a prequel of the movie called ‘Monster University’ was released in 2013. 

4. Learn Something New
Make Comic Book Art 
Comic book art is the art of drawing cartoons and comic characters. With the help of this art, one can create one’s own comic stories. 

To start off, learn how to sketch simple characters. Then decide on the specific look or style of drawing. Once that is done, decide on the personality of your character, its superpowers and look and feel. Then write a script. Once you have created a mental chart of the character and storyline, you can start drawing it in a story format to make your own comic book. 

5. Bit By the Travel Bug 
Place to Visit: Ponmudi Hill Station, Thiruvananthapuram
Ponmudi hill station is located at the southern stretch of the Western Ghats and is a short driving distance from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The name Ponmudi means ‘golden peak’. Ponmudi is full of lush green forests, a wide variety of birds and amazing waterfalls. The hill station is also home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The Deer Park, Kallar River and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary are a few of the must-visit places in the area. The best time to visit Ponmudi is from October to March. You can reach there by rail, road or air. 

6. Log On 
Dr Avraham Kadar founded Brainpop to creatively explain difficult concepts to young students. Today, the website teaches a wide range of subjects including science, social studies, English, maths, art, music, health, engineering and technology. The site has many games and quizzes that simplify the learning process. Brainpop also has a subsidiary website called BrainpopJr that caters to children up to the age of six years. 

7. What’s New
Pink Guppy’s Sports Series 
Pink Guppy is a company that exclusively provides furniture for kids.

Its products range from bedding and toys to accessories. The sports series consists of specially-designed athletics-, football- and basketball-themed bookcases, desks, dressers, beds, cupboards and TV cabinets.

The paints used on the furniture are lead-free and child-friendly. 

8. Little Green Fingers
Meet a New Plant: Amsonia
The Amsonia plant is named after an 18th-century physician, Dr Charles Amson. The plant is also known as blue star, because of its blue, star-shaped flowers. This plant is native to North and South Central America and is even grown in parts of Europe and Japan. There are varied Amsonia species—most are easy to maintain except for the Eastern blue star. This is a pretty-looking plant that is poisonous to dogs. 

The plant could have narrow needle-like leaves with bright blue flowers or glossy leaves and large flowers. 

9. Pay It Forward
Mumbai-based NGO Toybank tries to create smiles and bring joy to underprivileged children by empowering them through play. It has set up toy libraries across the city where the underprivileged play with donated toys. The toys and games stocked at the Toybank libraries cater to the developmental needs of children of varied age groups. 

Toybank accepts all kinds of toys except toys that promote violence or are made with cheap plastic and sharp edges. Barbie dolls are not accepted as they could create a negative self-image in children. Teething toys are also not accepted due to hygiene issues.

You can volunteer at a Toybank centre or participate in toy collection drives, play sessions or toy distribution, sorting and wrapping drives. You can also participate in fundraising activities and events.

For further information, log on to www.toybank.org

10. Music for Your Ears: 
Know Your Instrument: Viola
Pronunciation: vai-o-la
Originated In: Europe
The viola is a string instrument belonging to the violin family. It is one of the oldest string instruments emerging from Europe and has played a major part in symphonies and orchestras. Similar to a violin, the viola is played by placing it on the left shoulder. The viola is the second-highest pitched instrument in the violin family after the cello. It is often described as a ‘big violin’ as it is longer and deeper than a violin.

The viola produces a dark, rich, bass-like sound, unlike the violin’s melody. Playing the viola is harder as compared to the violin. However, there are a variety of apps and websites that make learning the instrument easier.

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