10 Things to Do This Week (August 10 to 16, 2017)

1. Workshops 
Beyond Academics is organising a 1-day photography workshop and photography walk.
Date: August
Age: 6 to 15 years
Call: 098926 57075/ 09773244455
Website: www.facebook.com/beyondacads

Codewizards is conducting advanced computer programming workshops.
Date: August 19 onwards
Age: 7 to 16 years
Call: 0990867426/ 09971316471
E-mail: info@codewizards.in
Website: www.codewizards.in

New Delhi

HandsOn Learning is conducting a science and robotics workshop.
Date: August 19
Age: 6 to 10 years
Call: 09810703890
E-mail: bhavna@handsonlearning.in
Website: www.facebook.com/HandsOnLearningforKids


Studio Chhavi is conducting a 6-month-long art and craft workshop. It will help develop various skills in drawing and painting.
Date: August 16 onwards
Age: 6 years and above
Call: 08048035884
E-mail: priyanka@priyankasgallery.com
Website: www.facebook.com/studiochhavi

2. Read a Books
Survival Tips for Lunatics by Shandana Minhas (Age: 8+ years)
What if you woke up one day only to realise that you are in the middle of a remote wildlife park with your younger sibling and all your fellow campers are gone? How would you survive in a situation like that? Camping in Pakistan’s largest wildlife reserve, a family of four decides to spen some time together outdoors. The book is about 12-year-old Changez Khan, the storyteller, who is lost in the wilderness with his nine-year-old brother. It is a story of their encounters with the wild and their strategy to survive it all.
Published by Hachette India and available on Amazon.in

3. Watch It
Finding Nemo
Released in 2003, ‘Finding Nemo’ is an adventure film that takes you deep into the ocean where Marlin the clownfish and his son Nemo live along with other fishes. They lead a jolly life until Nemo is taken away by sea divers and kept in a fish tank.

Hoping to bring Nemo back to the ocean, Marlin embarks on a brave journey through the deep, dark sides of the ocean, encountering hungry sharks, friendly turtles and a lot more. He is accompanied by a blue fish named Dory who’s suffering from short-term memory loss! Watch this movie as you discover the ocean through the eyes of its inhabitants.

4. Learn Something New
Juggling is the process of passing an object from one hand to the other whilst keeping it afloat in the air. It is touted as a great stress reliever; it also helps build confidence. You can start off by throwing two balls in the air and trying to catch them without letting them drop. It may seem difficult to master at first, but with time and a lot of practice, it becomes easier. Many online tutorials will help you master juggling techniques. Once you learn the basics, you can add more balls and also start juggling with new instruments like tenpins and plates.

5. Bit By the Travel Bug
Place to Visit: Athirapally
Athirapally is a land of rivers, forests and great waterfalls. Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, it is one the best places to explore during the monsoons. Athirapally is a popular picnic spot with picturesque waterfalls that drop from a height of 80ft. Interestingly, the waterfalls never dry out. The Athirapally forest is also the natural habitat of different species like elephants, leopards, bison and sambars. The scenic beauty of the place is calming and refreshing. Athirapally can be reached by road, rail and air.

6. Log On
VocabAhead is a unique vocabulary-building site that uses various fun and innovative methods to build words. The site has simple quizzes, crossword puzzles and videos with images. The word games progress from simple to difficult, making it ideal for all age groups. VocabAhead also has an app for mobile phones.

7. What’s New
Osmo Coding Kit
Osmo Coding Kit is an award-winning, unique gaming system for the iPad. The kit has three fascinating games—Coding, Masterpiece and Newton—that offer children a range of activities, which help develop an understanding of programming, drawing and physics. The kit introduces children to coding techniques, enhances their drawing skills and improves their creative problem-solving techniques. You can buy the kit on RobinAge’s online store. Log onto: www.robinage.com/shop

8. Little Green Fingers
Meet a New Plant: Strelitzia
Called the ‘birds of paradise’, Strelitzia is one of the most popular and widely-recognised tropical flowers in the world. It is native to South Africa where it is known as the crane flower. The bright-coloured flower resembles tropical birds peeking through leaves. The flower is easy to grow and can be cultivated both outdoors in tropical, warm climates and indoors. It requires minimum care and little maintenance.

9. Pay It Forward
Mission Smile
Mission Smile is a medical trust dedicated to providing free care and surgeries to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. Started in 2002, Mission Smile has managed more than 30,000 surgeries in India. The organisation has also worked with the government of Assam and completed more than 15,000 surgeries here and in neighbouring states. Assam is now very close to becoming the first cleft-lip free state of India. The organisation has volunteers from more than 36 countries. One can donate or volunteer with the organisation. For information, visit www.missionsmile.org

10. Music for Your EarsKnow Your Instrument: Piccolo
Originated In: Unknown
Pronunciation: pi-ko-lo
The piccolo is the highest-pitched woodwind instrument played in orchestras and military and concert bands worldwide. Often referred to as the flautino, the piccolo is about half the size of a flute but is pitched one octave higher. In the past, the piccolo was made of ivory, glass and wood. However, today it is manufactured from silver, hardwood, German silver, brass, resin and plastic. The instrument belongs to the same group as the flute, clarinet, oboe and saxophone. Immense lung power and finger-work are required to play the instrument.

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