10 Things to Do This Week (July 6 to 12, 2017)

1. Read A Book
The Rulebreakers’ Club: The Dog Who Wanted More by Sowmya Rajendran, illustrated by Arun Kumar Kaushik (Age: 9+ Years)
This book is about a group of five kids who desperately want a dog but their families won’t let them get one.They decide to go against their families’ wishes and create a club called the Rulebreakers’ Club. 

The first task of this club is to kidnap a neighbourhood pug named Spike. Amidst this heist, they uncover a terrorist operation. Read the book to find out what happens next. Published by Puffin Books and available on Amazon.in

2. Workshops
Ed Mojo is conducting photography, creative writing, filmmaking, economics and science classes.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 10 to 18 years
Call: 09921474444
Website: www.edmojo.in

Science Utsav is conducting drone-making workshops.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 5 to 14 years
Call: 09036216555
E-mail: centralblorescut@gmail.com
Website: www.scienceutsav.com

New Delhi Robo Club is conducting science and robotics workshops.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 9 years and above
Call: 09654348322/ 0852762632
E-mail: info@roboclubonline.com
Website: www.roboclubindia.com

Stem Square is conducting creative thinking and communication skills workshops.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 6 to 16 years
Call: 09158017979/ 09545522614
E-mail: stemsq@gmail.com
Website: www.stemsq.com

3. Watch It

Inside Out
Released in 2015, ‘Inside Out’ is a 3D-animated comedy adventure film by Pixar Animation Studios. The film is set in the mind of a young girl named Riley Andersen where five emotions–joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust–rule her life. The emotions help and guide her through her new school, new city and new life. The film received several prestigious award.

4. Learn Something New
Try a Different Cuisine

In India, every state has its typical food habits, culture and cooking traditions and practices. Across the country, people cook with different spices, herbs and vegetables. Developing a love for food and trying out new cuisines is thus an easy hobby to cultivate. You could start off by cooking a meal from a cookbook or looking for recipes online. You can choose from South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Goan, Kathiyawadi, North Indian, Bengali, Udupi and more. You could also follow the recipes in RobinAge and become a mini master chef.

5. Bit by the Travel Bug
Place to Visit: Wayanad
Wayanad is one of the most-visited hill stations in Kerala. Located in the midst of the Western Ghats, it is surrounded by fog-capped mountains, forests and spice plantations. This district is known for its waterfalls, freshwater lakes, monuments and wildlife sanctuaries. The best time to visit Wayanad is between October and February. One can reach Wayanad by rail, road or air.

6. Log On
This one is for all you Harry Potter fans! Once you sign up for a free account on this site, you will get access to many stories and links that revolve around the seven Harry Potter books. It provides users with exclusive Harry Potter content, news articles and interactive games based on the books.

7. What’s New
Back-to-School Products by Disney India
Disney India has introduced a fresh range of character-inspired back-to-school products from the Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars universe. The products include interchangeable cover books, geometry boxes, pouches and backpacks. The collection includes characters like Mickey and Minnie, Anna and Elsa, Spider-man and Darth Vader and Yoda from Star Wars.

8. Little Green Fingers
Meet a New Plant: Dracula simia
Dracula simia or monkey orchid is an orchid found in the mountainous regions of Peru and Ecuador, South America. The plant has reddish-brown flowers with two long shoots that resemble the face of a monkey that has fuzzy eyebrows, a furry nose with a beard and two fangs. The flower blooms all year and when fully blossomed, it smells like an orange. The orchid can be grown in home gardens.

9. Pay It Forward
New Delhi-based organisation, Pravah tries to encourage youth to take on the role of change-makers and leaders. It promotes youth participation in rallies and fights for social justice. The organisation has trained many teachers and nurtured new initiatives on youth development. E-mail: mail@pravah.org or visit www.pravah.org

10. Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Tabla
Pronunciation: Tub-la
Originated In: Asia
The tabla is a membranophone percussion instrument consisting of two small barrel-shaped hand drums. It is one of the oldest percussion instruments and is extremely popular in Indian classical music. The two drums, dayan and bayan, are single-headed drums that are slightly different in size and shape. The drums are made of hollowed-out wood, clay or brass. The skin on the drum is stretched and tightened to ensure it produces a distinct pitch. Extensive use of fingers and the palm is required to create a variety of sounds and rhythm.

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