10 Things to Do This Week (July 27 to August 2, 2017)

1. Workshops
Keeda-Kids Company is conducting a special Raksha Bandhan workshop. 
Date: July 29 
Age: 2 to 7 years 
Call: 09833067405 

New Delhi 
CodingZen is conducting a cartoon making, animation, creative writing and film-making workshop. 
Date: July 29 
Age: 8 to 18 years 
Call: 09958405905/ 08800223387 
Website: www.codingzen.in

Kydz Adda is conducting a quilling workshop. 
Date: July 29 
Age: 5 to 15 years 
Call: 09686888222 
Website: www.kydzadda.com

Bloom and Grow is conducting 2-day terracotta jewellery-making workshops. 
Date: July 29 onwards 
Age: 8 years and above 
Call: 07259280949 
2. Read A Book
Puzzlemania: Favourite Puzzles for Beginners (Age: 3+ years)
‘Puzzlemania’ is a series of four puzzle books for beginners. The books have age-specific mazes, spot the difference activities, thinking challenges, logic and poem puzzles, riddles and a lot more.

The books are visually interesting and focus on activities that boost mental development. 

Content by Highlights International. Published by Puffin Books.

3. Watch It
The Incredibles 

Released in 2004, ‘The Incredibles’ is an animated film based on a family of superheroes. The family conceals its powers and tries to live a normal suburban life. However, the main protagonist Bob wants to get back into action. Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top-secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take the entire family’s effort to rescue the world from destruction. The movie won two Academy Awards. A sequel called ‘The Incredibles 2’ is scheduled for release in 2018.

4. Learn Something New

Knitting is a simple craft where a thread is looped together to create fabric. Knitting can be learnt by following instructions online or with the help of an adult. Once the basics are learnt, one can start off by knitting a scarf, hat, pillow cover or bag. Knitting helps one de-stress and keeps the mind active and calm.

5. Bit By the Travel Bug
Place to Visit: Pachmarhi 

Pachmarhi, also known as Satpura ki Rani, is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. It is located at an altitude of 1,100mts above sea level, which keeps the area cool and pleasant through the year. Pachmarhi is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its flora and fauna. Its waterfall, Rajat Pratap has been listed among India’s highest waterfalls. It is believed that the Pandavas from the Mahabharat visited Pachmarhi during their exile. The place is also a treasure of ancient Buddhist caves. The Satpura National Park at Pachmarhi is home to several endangered animals. Pachmarhi can be reached by road, rail or air.

Dubbed as the premiere site for people who love books, Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Launched in 2007, the site is a virtual bookshelf with over 1.5 billion books. On this site, one can read books, track books they are reading, rate and review books and even interact with other readers. The site also offers personalised book recommendations based on a reader’s taste. It has over 55 million members. 

7. What’s New
Back-to-school Products by Viacom18

Viacom18 Consumer Products recently launched an exciting range of back-to-school products featuring some popular Nickelodeon toons such as Dora the Explorer, Motu Patlu and Peppa Pig. The products include water bottles, school bags, lunchboxes, pencil boxes and more. Some of the products are available at Big Bazaar, Tupperware franchises and Hamleys. Viacom18 has also introduced a range of FC Barcelona school products for sports enthusiasts. These are available on Amazon.in. 

8. Little Green Fingers
Meet a New Plant: Stapelia grandiflora
Stapelia grandiflora is a flowering plant, which is native to dry deserts from Tanzania to South Africa. The plant has large, five-pointed, starfish-shaped flowers and hence is also referred to as the starfish flower. This plant has one of the largest flowers in the plant world. The flower’s colours range from deep red to purple, pink, mauve and even yellow. The flower is hairy and has a leathery texture. It also emits a smell, like that of rotting meat. 

9. Pay It Forward
HelpAge India
Established in 1978, HelpAge India serves the elderly and tries to improve their quality of life. Its vision is to build a society where elders have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life. Through its welfare projects in rural areas, it offers senior citizens free rations and medicines. In urban areas, it aims to improve the life of elders who are emotionally, physically or mentally traumatised. It also aims to spread awareness about morality and values amongst children through its ‘Student Action for Value Education’ advocacy. For More Details Visit: www.helpageindia.org

10. Music for Your Ears
Know Your Instrument: Shehnai 

Pronunciation: shaih-naa-ee 
Originated In: Asia 
The shehnai is a double-reed wind instrument that is extensively used to create background score for Indian folk music. The shehnai is made of wood except for a flaring metal bell that is attached to the bottom of the instrument. The length of the instrument ranges from 1.5 to 2ft. The sound of a shehnai is considered auspicious; hence it is played during temple ceremonies and weddings. Playing the shehnai requires tremendous lung-power, breath-control and technique. Ustad Bismillah Khan is responsible for popularising the instrument.

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