10 Things to Do This Week (July 13 to 19, 2017)

1. Read a Book
The Panchatantra Teaching Tales of Old India by Narindar Uberoi Kelly and illustrated by Meagen Jenigen
The Panchatantra stories are tales told by a wise Brahmin named Pandit Vishnu Sharma, some 2,500 years ago. These stories were part of lessons given to young Indian princes.

The book talks about morality and wise living. It contains stories about animals that revolve around friendship, enmity, cruelty, foolishness honour, ambition and honesty

Published by Hachette India and available on Amazon.in

2. Workshops
Vera Mascarenhas is conducting weekday afterschool workshops that teach baking, grammar, creative writing, communication skills and science through hands-on activities.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 7 to 9 years
Call: 09820600804
E-mail: veramascarenhas@gmail.com

Codewizards is conducting communication skills, computer training and science and robotics workshops..
Date: Regular batches
Age: 7 to 16 years
Call: 09205404418
E-mail: info@codewizards.in
Website: www.codewizards.in

New Delhi
CodingZen is conducting cartoon making, animation, creative writing and film making workshops.
Date: July 15
Age: 8 to 18 years
Call: 09958405905/ 08800223387
E-mail: hello@codingzen.in
Website: www.codingzen.in
HyderabadKites and Nine Pins is conducting theatre classes.
Date: Regular batches
Age: 8 to 13 years
Call: 09573899766
E-mail: neha@skaneducation.com
Website: www.bit.ly/KitesAndNinePins

3. Watch It
Lion King
An animated musical released by Walt Disney Pictures, ‘Lion King’ is the story of Simba, a cub who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as the king of Pride Lands.

However, after being tricked by his jealous, wicked uncle Scar, Simba flees into exile in shame. He then meets two crazy, carefree animals named Timon and Pumbaa who change his life and help Simba find the courage to return to his kingdom and reclaim his throne. A sequel of the movie, ‘The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride’ was released in 1998.

4. Learn Something New
Pattachitra Painting
Pattachitra is a traditional form of painting from Odisha. It is done on a cloth or patta using natural colours. The gum of the kaitha tree is the chief ingredient and is used as a base to make different colours. Varied natural ingredients are used to make the colours. Powdered conch shells are used to make white pigment, lamp soot is used to make black pigment, the root of the keya plant is used to make a paintbrush and mouse hair is used to create finer brushes. The paintings are colourful, intricate and soulful. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities.

5. Bit by the Travel Bug 
Place to Visit: Coorg
Coorg is a popular hill station located in the Western  Ghats in Karnataka. The best time to visit it is July and August, as the entire town transforms into a lush green paradise during this period. The weather becomes cool and pleasant as the town receives heavy rains. Visitors can visit picturesque plantations, sandalwood forests and splendid waterfalls around the area. Coorg also lends itself to adventure enthusiasts.

6. Log On
‘Dogs and Pups’ is a bi-monthly magazine for people who love dogs and cats. The magazine promotes responsible pet parenting and provides a wide range of information on pets.

The magazine includes articles on training, grooming, nutrition, breeds, products and travel ideas for pets. The magazine is also available in an e-format on this website.

7. What’s New

Customised clothes by TEALS
TEALS, a kids’ fashion brand, deals in playful, quirky and comfortable clothes.

The brand has a wide range of clothes made with bright and colourful prints of fairy tales and animals like elephants, owls and deer. The clothes are made with organic cotton, making them easy to maintain, skin-friendly and easily breathable.  

Log on to www.bit.ly/TEALSforkids for more information.

8. Little Green Fingers
Meet a New Plant: Tacca chantrieri
Tacca chantrieri is an unusual flowering plant with black flowers that resemble a bat with long whiskers. This plant belongs to the yam family and is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia and southern China. Also known as the black bat flower, it is very rare in the wild and requires extreme humidity, shade and well-drained soil to grow. 

9. Pay It Forward

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions
World For All Animal Care & Adoptions is a Mumbai-based animal welfare NGO that has revolutionised the model of stray animal adoptions. It was founded in late-2009 and over the years it has housed over 7,500 stray animals, conducted over 9,000 animal sterilisations and attended to over 10,000 emergency medical aid calls. You can adopt or foster stray puppies or kittens or donate or volunteer time with the NGO. 
For more details:
E-mail: volunteer@worldforall.co
Visit: www.worldforall.com

10. Music for Your Ears

Know Your Instrument: Hang
Pronunciation: han

Originated In: Switzerland
A UFO-shaped musical instrument, the hang is a member of the idiophone class and is also called a hand pan or steel drum. The hang was introduced to the public in 2001 by a company called PANArt. It has a central note called ‘ding’ and seven to eight circles with a dimple in the middle of each note. The instrument has a ‘gu’ or hole on the underside. The hang is played by tapping the fingers, palm or hand on it. It is played like the udu drum of Nigeria and the ghatam of South India.

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