Examination Special: Revise Using Revision Games

Examination Special: Revise Using Revision Games
by Reshmi Sen Singh, a freelance soft skill and teacher development trainer based in Bengaluru. 

Make revision interesting and fun. Here are two revision games which you can play with your parents or friends.

Make your parent or friend the student and you take on the role of a teacher! The purpose of the game is that you have to explain a topic really well to your ‘student’. Use a whiteboard, slate or a piece of paper to draw and explain your subject or chapter, just like your teacher does in a classroom. Encourage your ‘student’ to ask some questions—in this way you can really brush up on your topic and also have some fun!

Together with your friends or parents, write down questions related to a particular topic. Once you have all the questions written down, then, on small flashcards, write down the corresponding answers. The more flashcards you have, the better it will be. Scatter all the flashcards across the floor and read out the first question on your list. The aim is to find the correct answer flashcard as quickly as possible, slap it with your hand and shout out SNAP! Now continue playing this game until you complete your list of questions. Ensure that this game is played quickly. Don’t forget to keep score and involve as many friends as possible to make it fun!

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