10 Things to Do This Week (April 27 to May 3, 2017)

1. Camp Time

INME is organising an 8-day kayaking, trekking and rock climbing camp in Naukuchiatal of Nainital district, Uttarakhand.
Date: May 20 onwards
Age: 12 to 14 years
Call: 09920064414/ 0124-4014663
Email: info@inme.in
Website: www.inme.in

2. Workshops

NCPA is conducting photography, theatre, dance and other creativity-enhancing workshops for five weeks.
Date: May 1 onwards
Age: 9 years and above
Call: 022-66223822/ 66223830
E-mail: ncpa.summerfiesta@gmail.com
Website: www.ncpamumbai.com

GamezOn Sports Management is conducting a month-long summer sports camp. 
Date: May 1 onwards
Age: 10 years and above
Call: 07899974405/ 080-27822232
E-mail: corporate@gamezonsports.com
Website: www.gamezonsports.com

LemaLabs is conducting a robotics and robot-making workshop.
Date: May 8 onwards
Age: 10 years and above
Call: 09543425898/ 09176963939
E-mail support@lemalabs.com
Website: www.lemalabs.com

In collaboration with the Yacht Club of Hyderabad, Delhi Rock is organising a month-long sailing programme.
Date: May 6 onwards
Age: 8 years and above
Call: 011-46588444
Website: team@delhirock.com
E-mail: www.delhirock.com

3. Watch It

Smurfs: The Lost Village
Released in 2011, ‘The Smurfs’ is a 3D animated comedy film about tiny blue-coloured Smurfs who get lost in New York City and must find their way back home before the evil Gargamel catches them. The sequel of the movie, ‘The Smurfs 2’ released in 2013 and the third part, ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ has just released in India. Catch the movie at a theatre near you.

4. Learn Something New

Speak a Foreign Language
Learning a foreign language boosts brain power and improves memory. A person learning a foreign language is likely to meet new people and will be exposed to completely new lifestyles, customs, cultures and habits. It builds self-confidence and helps people stand out from the rest. It also expands career options as one could work for a multinational company or become a translator with a government agency.
5. Bitten By the Travel Bug

Place to Visit: Pondicherry
Pondicherry is the capital city and the largest city of the Indian union territory of Puducherry. It is 160kms away from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The city is a mix of both Indian and French culture and architecture as it was a French colony until 1954. Watch out for migratory birds, scenic views, beautiful beaches, churches, cute cafes and some amazing ancient architecture. You can travel to Pondicherry by road, bus, train and air.

6. Log On!


Launched in 2014, The Kid Should See This is a growing library of more than 3,000 videos. From space, science and technology to food, music, art, animation and nature, the website covers almost all major topics of interest. It’s a perfect place to keep the young busy learning whilst being entertained.

7. What’s New

Skechers Kids

One of the largest footwear brands in the US, Skechers Kids has introduced Twinkle Toes, an all-new range of footwear for girls. Twinkle Toes are multi-coloured, sparkly or metallic, emoji-patterned and lightweight sneakers that offer good support. They have lights that get activated on each step and Velcro, lace-up hooks and loop tape closure. Skechers Kids are available in stores and partner outlets. To know more log on to their international website, www.skechers.com

8. Little Green Fingers

Meet a New Plant: Sorrel

Sorrel is an herb that looks like lettuce but has a lemony-sour and tangy taste. The leaves are used to make salads and soups. Sorrel grows best in sunlight and needs well-draining soil. It also needs plenty of water on its roots and over the leaves. Pluck the leaves while they are still young as they go bitter with time.

9. Pay It Forward

Robin Hood Army
Robin Hood Army is a volunteer-based organisation that collects surplus food from restaurants and distributes it among the less fortunate. More than 18 lakh people across 41 cities have already helped the needy through this organisation.

For more details:
E-mail: info@robinhoodarmy.com
Website: www.robinhoodarmy.com

10. Music for Your Ears

Know Your Instrument: Didgeridoo (di-ji-ru-doo)
This wind Australian instrument is a natural wooden trumpet. It is one of the world’s oldest musical instruments and was first used some 40,000 years ago. Traditionally, didgeridoos were made from eucalyptus tree trunks and limbs but now a large variety of materials such as glass, leather, ceramic, plastic and metals are used to make this instrument. Didgeridoos can be used in almost every style of music including rock, jazz, blues, pop, hip hop and electronica.

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