Examination Special: Revise Using a Timetable

Examination Special: Revise Using a Timetable
by Reshmi Sen Singh, a freelance soft skill and teacher development trainer based in Bengaluru.

Gear up for your exams with a plan. Revise and retain information using a revision timetable that will give you better focus and discipline and ensure that you do not go off track. Here’s a few points to remember when you make your study plan:

We all want to be prepared for the exams but is it really possible to do 12 hours of revision every day? Probably not! So factor in the time slots available to you in chunks of 45 minutes to an hour with a break in between.

A good plan breaks your revision down into ‘chewable’ pieces and shows times for each topic. Think about the chapters that need to be revised and break those down into smaller segments. Leave the last 10 minutes of each slot to test yourself.


Attack the chapters you need more work on first. In this way, you can revisit the more difficult chapters later on too, if required. Please remember that it is important to revisit topics once in a while so that you don’t forget what you studied at the beginning of the month.


Stick it up in your room somewhere and commit to it. At the end of the day, cross off the chapters that you are done with and believe me, you will feel a great sense of achievement!

These are available for free on the Internet. They give a basic structure and all you need to do is fill them up, so start Googling!

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