7 Festive Recipes to Brighten Up Your Celebrations

Food is always the centre of festive celebrations. We bring you 7 eclectic and easy-to-make recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to brighten up your celebrations. (As featured on RobinAge.com; Click on the links for the complete recipe.)

Aloo Paneer Tikki
Aloo Paneer Tikki: Filled with the goodness of paneer, this is the perfect festive snack for kids and guests alike.

Apple and Sitaphal Barfi
Apple and Sitaphal Barfi: This unusual twist on barfi is sure to become a family favourite.

Methi Puri
Methi Puri: A traditional Diwali treat best enjoyed hot.

Chutney Pulav with Paneer and Corn
Chutney Pulav with Paneer and Corn: A tangy twist to the usual pulav.

Baby Falafel Burgers
Baby Falafel Burgers: This take on falafels is the perfect finger food and is packed with the goodness of chickpeas.

Apricots in Caramel Sauce
Apricots in Caramel Sauce: A sweet treat that goes perfectly with ice cream.

Tiramisu Truffles
Tiramisu Truffles: Need we say more?

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