7 Festive Books for Kids

Teach your kids about different festivals and mythology through these incredible books!

Amma Tell Me by Bhakti Mathur

Amma Tell Me by Bhakti Mathur 
Age: 4+ years 

This is a charming series of books that introduce festivals like Holi, Diwali and Durga Puja and deities like Krishna, Hanuman and Ganpati in a fun and non-preachy way. Written in rhyme with captivating illustrations, the books are perfect for families wanting to teach their kids about Hindu mythology.

Age: 9+ years

'The Mahabharata – A Child’s View' tells the much-loved ancient tale of war, kingship, honour and revenge in an unorthodox manner, through the eyes of a child. 

Written and illustrated by Samhita Arni at the age of 11, the book went on to be translated in several languages and sold over 50,000 copies.

Krishna Series by Chinmaya Bal Katha
Krishna Series by Chinmaya Bal Katha 
Age: 7+ years

This series of books is designed to bring home to the hearts of children simple truths such as the importance of love, genuineness, sharing, humility, generosity and other virtues.

The Krishna Series comprises of four books namely, 'Krishna Photocopies Himself', 'Krishna Rocks', 'Krishna: Butter Bash' and 'Krishna: An Invisible Friend'.

This series aims to introduce Shri Krishna and his wisdom to children so that they may be inspired by him as a lovable friend and role model.
Age: 5+ years

In this full-colour illustrated book, Gita, an immigrant child from India, celebrates Diwali for the first time in her new home in the West.

When she lights the wicks on the family's oil-filled diyas, Gita realises that no matter where they live, they can always drive away the darkness with light.

Age: 3+ years

This books is about a young boy who is excited that Ramadan is about to begin. This year, he wants to fast like the grown-ups!

With simple words and colourful illustrations, the book is a wonderful first introduction to the festival of Ramadan for the youngest readers.
Age: 4+ years

'Ismat's Eid' is an adaptation of a wonderful Turkish tale. On the occasion of Eid, Ismat the shoemaker decides to buy his family special gifts. He is persuaded by the shopkeeper to buy a pair of trousers for himself, but there is only the last pair on the shelves, and it's too long. Long trousers can always be shortened, can't they? So Ismat takes his gifts home. Eid arrives, and with it comes a shock and a surprise. To be able to laugh and to be willing to adjust: these little qualities are highlighted with affection and detail in this delightful book.

Age: 3+ years

This is a story of  seven-year-old twins, Sam and Charlie. They might look alike, but they couldn’t be more different. Whilst Sam is well-behaved, Charlie is always naughty. She likes eating sweets, making a racket and getting up to all kinds of dreadful mischief.

On Christmas Eve, however, they are both equally excited, knowing that Father Christmas will soon be arriving to fill their Christmas stockings. But when Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night, she discovers that only one of the twins has a full stocking stuffed with presents and the other is completely empty!

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