Teaching Through Technology

Teaching Through Technology
Over a century ago, Thomas Edison predicted that, “Books will soon be obsolete in public schools... our school system will be completely changed inside of 10 years.” 

Though it has taken longer, the educational system today has improved by embracing technology. Teachers will always be at the forefront of learning experiences, but technology is helping make learning more complete. Technology brings education to life; it helps students make a visual connect.

Here’s how technology is creating win-win situations for teachers and students.

Connected Learning
Internet-enabled technology allows students to watch videos on classroom topics. As we all know, the more senses involved, the better is the learning. Children can read about a specific topic and then watch videos about it online to ensure the concept is well understood and learn more than the textbook offers. We live in a world where audio and video experiences are being consumed at a growing rate, so why should learning be any different?

Sharing Online
The best way to study is to learn together. The Internet makes it easier for a team working on a project to share documents, work on presentations and complete the project together. It also allows teachers to post homework, collect assignments and correct, analyse and showcase common mistakes. Video conferencing, chats and other such methods of communication allow students and teachers to be in touch, no matter the physical distance between them. They also allow students across the world to connect, communicate and work on projects together— distance learning was never simpler.

Use Of Mobile Devices 
Laptops and tabs can enhance the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. They allow students to access the Internet for research and engage with content in a way that textbooks have never been able to do.

International Experts
A great way to boost the learning experience is to engage students in conversations with field experts. Imagine learning about space travel and following that up with a discussion with astronaut Rakesh Sharma! Through virtual platforms and video chats, students can interact with experts from all across the world, opening up a whole new universe of knowledge. Passive education is no longer enough. In order for students to excel, learning needs to embrace the digital era and become more tech-savvy to provide students with an all-round experience. This is the only kind of learning that will benefit students in times to come.

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