Yoga for Kids: Animal Poses

Kids live in a world full of anxiety and pressure. From school assignments and chores to friend circles and extra curricular activities, we usually don’t think of these influences as stressful but for our kids, they often are.

The simplest way to deal with these stresses, for both adults and children, is deep breathing, pranayam and yoga. Learning techniques of relaxation at an early age boosts self-esteem and concentration and encourages body awareness. Yoga not only enhances mental strength, but also helps build the physique and improves flexibility.

Many yoga forms borrow from nature. Here we bring you animal-inspired yoga poses that children will enjoy, taught by wellness expert Namita Jain and featured on RobinAge.com.
Benefits: Releases spinal stress

Trunk Twist
Benefits: This exercise stretches the spine and relieves stiffness from the torso

Cow Face Pose
Benefits: This pose stretches the thighs, shoulders, chest and arms

Camel Pose
Benefits: Stretches the entire front of the body, the thighs and the hip flexors

Lion Pose
Benefits: Prevents throat congestion and strengthens throat and chest muscles

Butterfly Pose
Benefits: Increases mobility of the hip joints and stretches the inner thigh

Rabbit Pose
Benefits: Relaxes the mind and the back muscles

Namita Jain is a certified clinical wellness specialist with Bombay Hospital. She has authored fitness books and DVDs sold under the brand label ‘Jaldi Fit’. For more information log on to www.jaldifit.com

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