Books: What Can I Give? Life Lessons from My Teacher, A P J Abdul Kalam by Srijan Pal Singh (Age: 12+ Years)

Books: What Can I Give? Life Lessons from My Teacher by A P J Abdul Kalam (Age: 12+ Years)
Former president of India and eminent scientist, Dr Kalam is often remembered as a great teacher whose words have inspired many. This book is written by one of his students who worked closely with him till his last days. 

The book contains several unknown anecdotes and unseen photographs from Dr Kalam’s life. It narrates Singh’s experience with Dr Kalam and his influential and inspiring moments. The stories in the book reflect on Dr Kalam’s unusual life and talk about his teachings. They peek into his daily routine and are a great source of information on Dr Kalam.

Published by Penguin Random House India and available on Amazon.in

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