Getting Ready to Go Back to School

Getting Ready to Go Back to School
The beginning of a new school year brings with it a lot of excitement. Children look forward to making a fresh start, catching up with old friends and learning new things at school. But the fear of new and unknown factors can also cause some stress.

A new school year usually means a new class teacher too. Some children take time to adjust to their new teachers. So how can you help make the transition smooth for your child?

Teachers are there for more than just schoolwork and homework. They can help children learn how to function as adults and become lifelong learners. It is thus very important for your child to have a great rapport with his/her teachers. Here are some things your child should avoid when trying to establish a relationship with teachers:
  • Not Being Sincere: Teachers are smart. They sense when a child's only motivation is to get special treatment or good grades.
  • Being a Teacher's Pet: This behaviour is not acceptable. Apart from putting the teacher off, your child's classmates may start resenting your child too.
  • Giving Extravagant Gifts: Giving small tokens of appreciation to teachers is fine but gifting them flashy, expensive items sends the wrong message to both your child and the other students. In fact, in a lot of schools teachers are not allowed to accept expensive gifts.
In case your child can't get along with his/her teacher:
  • Let your child meet the teacher and communicate his/her feelings. Ask your child to speak his/her mind using statements such as, "It embarrasses me in class when I feel like my intelligence is being put down" or "I feel that only a few people get called on to participate."
  • If your child can't break the ice with his/her teacher, teach him/her to focus on learning everything the teacher has to offer. Not only will your child gain more knowledge on that subject, but a closer relationship with the teacher may also develop in the process.
  • Ask your child to talk to students who are doing well in the class and ask them for tips on how to get to know the teacher better.
  • Make an appointment with the school guidance counsellor, who will be able to help you and your child out.
Help your child sail through the new school year by:
  • Managing time well; procrastination only brings frustration
  • Finding the right balance and support
  • Managing social pressures and problems
  • Changing the negatives into positives
  • Telling your child that it's the person and the personality that matters more than one's looks and clothing
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