Examination Special: 10 Tricks to Writing the Perfect Exam Paper

Examination Special: 10 Tips on How to Write Your Paper
On the day of your examination, it is important to write your paper well.

Here are a few tips that will help you write an impressive paper.

1. Wake up on time so that you don’t need to rush through breakfast. This also means you have to sleep early.

2. Eat a nutritious breakfast that includes fruits and dry fruits.

3. Reach the examination hall on time. Arriving late might make you feel rushed and nervous. 

4. Remember to carry all the stationery you will need.

5. Be neat. Make sure you use a sharpened pencil or a good quality ink pen or ball pen to write your paper. Keep an eraser with you at all times but try to avoid making mistakes as erasing constantly can make your answer sheet look untidy.

6. Make sure you read the questions correctly. Number your questions accurately and write answers neatly.

7. Underline important points in long answers using a ruler. Also, underline sub-headings for your answers.

8. Diagrams should be drawn in a box. Utilise the whole sheet if necessary. Label your diagrams well with pencil. It is also important to name your diagrams.

9. While marking maps, don’t forget to add an index and use appropriate colours. Be neat and mark your map clearly.

10. After you complete answering your paper, read through it to make sure you have not left out anything and that you have answered the questions correctly.

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