Books: Across the Seven Seas by Anuradha Kumar (Age: 8+)

Books: Across The Seven Seas by Anuradha Kumar (Age: 8+)
'Across the Seven Seas' is a book about Indian globetrotters and their travel adventures through stormy seas and hostile environments. The book talks about 14 different Indians from the 18th and 19th century who travelled across the world under various circumstances. 

It includes accounts of educationist Pandita Ramabai, who went abroad in 1883 to raise awareness on women’s rights, Mirza Sheikh I’tesamuddin, an official of the Mughal court, who was sent on a secret mission to England, and a teacher, Benoy Kumar Sarkar, who visited China in 1915 to study its history, philosophy and culture. The book is a great read for those interested in history and general knowledge. 

Published by Hachette India and available on Amazon.in

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