5 Awesome Edutainment Apps for Kids

Just like adults, children like their time with gizmos too. Here are five apps you can use for your child‘s edutainment.

Piano Maestro by JoyTunes
1. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes

This app allows kids to play an electric or acoustic piano on the iPad. The phone’s microphone gauges the player’s accuracy and gives instant visual and auditory feedback, allowing the child to master the initial basics of playing a piano. Various activities help the child progress through different user levels. What’s more, the child is also given stars based on accuracy and other criteria. A progress report is also provided, which helps parents and teachers track their child’s progress.

This game challenges kids to build math equations using numbered blocks. They begin with basic addition and work up to more complex equations that include subtraction and multiplication. Kids earn stars and clear levels by eliminating the numbered blocks in each puzzle. 

Think Like Churchill
3. Think Like Churchill

This app let’s kids experience some of Winston Churchill’s most pivotal decisions, both personal and political. Within the framework of a graphic novel, kids get to navigate animated scenarios, read documents and make decisions on actual circumstances Churchill encountered. Then they get to see Churchill’s decision and measure their criteria against his.

4. Terraria

This Mindcraft-like game includes plenty of secrets to discover and combats to win. Players can compete in multi-player games locally but not online. The players need to use deduction and strategy to achieve the goals they set. The game thus helps them apply life skills they have learnt in the real world to a virtual life.

Meet Science: Force and Motion
5. Meet Science: Force and Motion

This is a digital science resource that includes lessons, mini-games and simple experiments. There’s also an illustrated glossary for reference. Quirky characters guide children through lessons and each lesson includes a brief quiz and suggestions for experiments.

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