Inventive Toys by CQKids (Age: 2+)

Pune-based toy designers CQKids set out one year ago with a mission to make thoughtful and inventive games for kids that spark imaginations and bring families together. And boy have they! Check out 4 of RobinAge's favourites that are now available on The RobinAge Store.

Games: Quinses by CQKids (4+ years)
Price: Rs 390
In this game, various natural processes-like photosynthesis and the life cycle of a butterfly-are explained through a series of five cards. In order to win, players must arrange these cards in the correct order. As kids compete to build each series, they learn more about each natural process and improve their logical thinking too!

Games: Bin-on-the-Go by CQKids (4+ years)
Price: Rs 460
Bid travel boredom goodbye with this interactive game that is based on the same premise as bingo. All you need to do is grab a reusable card and cross off pictures of things you spot on your journey. The first one to cross out all the pictures will be declared king or queen of the road. 

Games: Bag-O-Tales by CQKids (4+ years)
Price: Rs 490
Put on your thinking cap as this game encourages you to churn out wild and wacky stories. All you have to do is pick a tile out of the given bag and start a story. The next player links your story to theirs using the tile they have picked, and so on. With 36 different tiles, this game offers limitless fun.

Games: Win It to Pin It by CQKids (4+ years)
Price: Rs 320
Parents can use these badges in a fun and effective way to foster good habits in children. The colourful badges have several titles on them and can only be won if children display good behaviour. The badges are an interactive way to encourage children to eat healthy meals, be polite and stay tidy.

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