Online and Board Games that Make Learning Maths Fun (Age: 5 to 10)

Online and Board Games that Make Learning Maths Fun
The mere mention of mathematics can strike fear in the minds of children and adults alike. Melissa Fernandes finds a permanent solution to this fear. Read on.

Unlike other subjects, mathematics cannot be rote-learned. It requires a thorough understanding of the basics and then hours of practise. To promote a love for mathematics, IITian entrepreneurs Kunal Gandhi and Gunjan Agrawal set up Logic Roots, which helps students learn maths through games.

Talking to RobinAge, Kunal Gandhi says, “Kids fear maths because they do not understand it. They do not have a feel for numbers. And once this fear sets in, it is very difficult to dislodge it. We started Logic Roots with an aim to teach students how to apply mathematical formulae. The only way to do well in maths is through practise. Teachers and parents usually push kids to practise through threats or candy. Sadly, these PUSH based systems do not work well with children. When we at Logic Roots decided to make maths more fun and easier to learn, we decided to invest in the power of games by combining it with technology. The games created are thus fun and can be applied by kids of all age groups. What’s more, the games are based on the NCERT-India and NCTM-Singapore guidelines. So children are actually learning mathematics without even realising it.”

Started in September 2011, Logic Roots has a number of interactive games. ‘Ocean Raiders’ is an exciting board game that teaches students addition while ‘Say Cheese’ is an animated multiplication game that helps students master tables of four to 10. ‘Say Cheese’ is also rated as a number-1 bestseller on Amazon. ‘Mathaly’ is a math app that is designed to adapt as per students’ skills and includes several topics. Gunjan Agrawal says, “The purpose of our games is to generate repeated practise. We’ve tried to get the best combination of game play, story and math skills in our games. What’s more, our games address the entire curriculum for class 1 to 5 as we’ve divided the course into 650 granular skills which were used to create the games.”

Gandhi adds, “Through our games, not only are mathematical concepts drilled into kids, but kids are also encouraged to learn at their pace and understand the reasons behind every move, which further strengthens the basics and rules of maths. Kids love games and never put them down, which means that the games are played over and over again without boredom setting in.”

To know more about Logic Roots, log on to www.logicroots.com

These board games will change the way kids think about mathematics! 
(Available on The RobinAge Store)

Math Dice Jr by ThinkFun
Math Dice Jr by ThinkFun
Age: 5+ years.
Price: Rs 649
Simple rules and chunky, brightly coloured dice make this game fun for early math learners!

Skill Development:
- Mathematical skills
- Processing speed
Age: 6 to 9 years
Price: Rs 399
Long Legs is a simple game of addition and subtraction, which enhances mental math skills in a fun way. Kids roll the dice and compete to race their monsters to the top of the number line!

Skill Development:
- Mental mathematics
- Processing speed
Age: 7+ years
Price: Rs 399
Use the Super Sleuth red goggles to decipher number clues. Add, subtract, multiply and divide to crack 5 missions and win!

Skill Development:
- Logical thinking
- Problem solving
- Processing speed
Taxi on the Run by Chalk and Chuckles
Taxi on the Run by Chalk and Chuckles
Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs 399
This is a guessing game of numbers which sharpens mathematical abilities! A taxi has taken away your luggage and another is on the run with your friend’s luggage. Mysteriously, none of you remember your own taxi's license number but know each others! Players have to ask each other creative questions to eliminate numbers and arrive at their taxi's license number using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and trivia!

Here are a few mathematical games that can be played online!

Age: 2 to 5 years            
This is a simple treasure hunt that allows children to move to the next level only after they answer the question correctly.

Age: 5 to 11 years
This game helps kids learn tables quickly and easily. All they have to do is shoot at the right answer within a stipulated time and win points to progress to the next level.

Age: 7 to 9 years
Play this colourful game that teaches children the concept of fractions by making them design wacky geometric-shaped flags.

Age: 10+ years
Based on the popular TV show, in this game players must answer 15 questions to win the jackpot. Like the TV show, the game also has three lifelines. The questions vary from simple to complex mathematics sums.

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