Mythology Themed Games for Kids by Kreeda (Age: 5 to 12)

Games: Vanavaas - The Adventures in the Forest by Kreeda (Age: 5 to 12)
With Diwali around the corner, RobinAge brings you games that teach kids about the myths and tales of ancient India! 

Vanavaas - The Adventures in the Forest

This game is designed to introduce children to the Ramayan in a fun way. In the Ramayan, King Dasharath is forced by an old promise to send his eldest son Ram away to the forest for 14 years. Ram is accompanied by his wife Sita and brother, Lakshman. 

In the forest they have many adventures and face many hardships. This game lets you understand their experiences and brings you face to face with the demons they meet. The game is played with long dice, which are the traditional dice in India, and begins with Ram and Lakshman leaving Ayodhya. The game takes you through their stay at Chitrakoot, Bharat’s encounter with Ram, the meeting with Shoorpanaka and the incident of the golden deer.

Price: Rs 775
Recommended Age: 5+ years

Games: Search for Sita by Kreeda (Age: 5 to 12)
Search for Sita

While living in exile in the forest with Ram and Lakshman, Sita is kidnapped by the King of Lanka, Ravana. This game follows the adventures of Ram and Lakshman as they search for Sita and seek the help of the vaanaraas or monkeys.

Price:  Rs 775
Recommended Age: 5+ years

Games: Chaupad by Kreeda (Age: 5 to 12)

A traditional version of the most popular game Ludo, this version can be played with dice or with traditional shells.

Price: Rs 725
Recommended Age: 5+ years

Games: Aadu Puli Aatam by Kreeda (Age 6 to 12)
Aadu Puli Aatam 

This is a 2-player game of skill, strategy and thinking, much like chess. In the game, there are three tigers and 15 goats. The tigers must try to kill the goats while the goats must try to corner the tigers so they cannot move. 

Price: Rs 250
Recommended Age: 6 to 12 years
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Games: Parama Pada Sopanam by Kreeda (Age: 5 to 12)
Parama Pada Sopanam 

This is a traditional version of the popular game of Snakes and Ladders. The game was believed to be symbolic of man’s attempt to reach god. The ladders represent virtues and the snakes represent vices. What's more, the snakes carry names linking them to characters from our epics. The instruction sheets with the game carry short stories about these characters to make it more appealing.

Price: Rs 800
Recommended Age: 5 to 12 years

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