Children's Books on Mahatma Gandhi

Children's Books on Mahatma Gandhi
In honour of Gandhi Jayanti, which is celebrated on October 2 every year, RobinAge brings you 4 books that introduce us to the great man.

Stories from Bapu's Life
Written by Uma Shankar Joshi; Published by National Book Trust
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Gandhiji’s influence on India and the world has been considerable. Some were attracted by his political and economic theories, others by his insistence on individual freedom, moral integrity and social service; still others by his Satyagraha and activism. This book simplifies his life and philosophies for young readers.

Mahatma Gandhi: the Father of the Nation
Written by Subhadra Sen Gupta; Published by Puffin Books Buy the e-book version on Amazon.in

The poet Rabindranath Tagore gave him the title, Mahatma-the great soul, but he was always rather uncomfortable with it. Nelson Mandela called him a sacred warrior. Some describe him as the saint of the spinning wheel and we Indians refer to him as the Father of the Nation. A courageous freedom fighter, a shrewd politician, a passionate social reformer and a staunch nationalist, Mahatma Gandhi was all this and much more. He was the most unusual leader this country has seen and one of the most influential personalities, whose name is synonymous with India’s independence. He touched the lives of millions. This book recreates the life and legacy of the man beneath the simple handspun clothes—who ate salt-less vegetables and bitter neem chutney, who walked 240 miles at the age of 60 to break the Salt Act and whose entire life was dedicated to truth and peace. 

A Mahatma Called Gandhi
Published by Appu Series
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This book is an ideal way to introduce children to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. The book is beautifully illustrated and captivatingly written and encourages kids to delve deeper into the story behind the Mahatma.

Mahatma Gandhi for Kids and Beginners
Written by Shalu Sharma; Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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This book has been written for children and adults alike who are curious to learn about the life and work of Gandhiji. It traces his history as a proponent of peace, teaching readers about Ahimsa, Satyagraha, the concept of truth and the ways of peace—the very path Mahatma Gandhi took despite enduring injustices.

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