Top 4 Homework Tips For Children

Top 4 Homework Tips For Children
"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." - Benjamin Franklin

After a hard day at school, most children cringe at the thought of finishing their homework. But the bottom line is it has to be done.

Developing good study skills is the simplest answer to wrapping up homework in a short time. These skills, once learnt, go a long way in helping improve grades and school performance. Here we present our top 4 homework tips for kids.

1. Make Sure You and Your Children Stay Updated
It is very important to ensure children are attentive in class and write down every assignment that needs to be completed. Most children write notes in their school planner or diary and as parents, it is essential to check these planners on a daily basis. Children will always be children, no matter how old they are. So if you don't want to be running around helter-skelter every morning finishing your children's assignments, we suggest you keep a check on their homework schedule on a regular basis. The best time to do this is just before playtime or after tuitions.

If your child has missed school because he/she is sick, call and ask his/her classmate for the notes on a daily basis. Children will not manage to complete three or four days' worth of work in one day and if you are not punctual about keeping school notes up-to-date, you may end up suffering as much as your child.

2. Communicate with the Teacher
Teach your children to communicate with their teachers regularly. If there is something they haven't understood, the issue needs to be addressed in class itself because hesitation will only lead to mistakes and the need to redo assignments. If you find that your child is often missing out on homework details, you need to touch base with the teacher to understand what's causing the miscommunication and sort it out.

3. Perfect Space and Time
Children should be given their own time and space to finish their homework such that they understand what needs to be done and do it with complete understanding. This will also reduce the time taken to do the task and will serve as a refresher for what has been learnt in class. If homework is done with utmost concentration, it will also help the child during examinations. 

As a parent, you therefore need to figure out a specific place where children can sit and work. Their study table should have all the supplies they would need like pens, pencils and paper. Children should also be well-rested and fresh while they are studying. They should study at a spot that does not have any TV or radio disturbance and they should keep away from the iPad or computer while studying unless it is being used for reference work.

4. Organise Well
The key to finishing homework on time is in organisation. Help your children work out their own colour-coding system to keep assignments and thoughts organised. Select a different colour for each week’s work and use that colour for the folders, worksheets, research papers and books that need to be worked on. If there is a certain subject that your child is weak in, it helps to sit with the child when he/she is working on that assignment. Your presence will help boost your child's ego too. Also, certain subjects like mathematics need daily practice and supervision because once the wrong concept is ingrained, it takes forever to undo.

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