Books: Walk on the Wild Side by Avanti Mehta and Christine Pereira (Age: 9+)

This book, published by the Centre for Environmental Research and Education, is designed to expose urban children to the plant and animal life in cities through simple and exciting activities. It starts off with a seven-day challenge that coaxes readers to explore and uncover unknown facts about plants, animals and birds in their vicinity. Each challenge allows kids to discover one part of the existing biodiversity.

The book also throws light on common plants and animals that often go unnoticed. Through the book, kids can learn how to identify several species of plants, birds and insects and find out more about their contribution to urban biodiversity. The seventh challenge is the most exciting as it explores urban biodiversity after sunset. What’s more, the book teaches kids how to make a butterfly garden. Grab a copy and take a walk on the wild side! Buy it on Amazon.in 

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