Helping Your Child Get Organised

Help Your Children Get Organised
A positive attitude towards learning can not only ensure that your child gets good grades, but is also the foundation for success in life. Here's how you can help your child make learning stress-free and fun.

GET ORGANISED: This is the first step as it makes everything else easier. Make sure your child keeps class assignments together in individual folders. This will help keep track of research, returned assignments and other things your child wants to hold on to.

PLAN AHEAD: Make sure your child doesn't leave things unfinished right to the last minute. Nerves and anxiety make it hard to stay focussed and do a good job.

SET DEADLINES: As soon as an assignment has been given, make a calendar of due dates. Mention the format in which the project needs to be presented and then let your child set goals.

SET A SPACE: It's always nice to have a dedicated work space - some place clean, orderly and quiet that lets your child focus on schoolwork. Let your child keep all the resources he/ she would need in this place.

GET FOCUSSED: Do not allow your child to multitask while finishing schoolwork. No phones, TV, music or even friends. Studies show that when people do lots of things at once, they tend to do a worse job on all of them than if they'd focussed on just one thing at a time.


Luckily, your child can do a few things to make homework less tedious:
  • First, make sure your child understands his/ her assignment well in school.
  • Teach your child to write down every thing he/ she needs to do even if it means taking a minute or two extra to ask a teacher how to finish the assignment!
  • Your child should know how long the particular homework assignment should take to complete so he/ she can budget time.
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