How to Explain Festivals & Traditions to Kids

Understanding Our Traditions and Festivals
The beauty of this vast country of ours is that not only does each one of us have our own wonderful traditions and religious practises, but thanks to our diversity, we also get to share in the customs and celebrations of so many other communities. 

Yet, many parents agree that as they get busier and more removed from their roots, their children are less likely to learn and understand traditional customs and values, be it their own or those of other communities. 

This lack of understanding not only breeds intolerance, but also denies our children access to the wealth of knowledge and values that our traditions embody. So how does one ensure that children take an interest in tradition? We at RobinAge believe that if you can explain the significance of our festivals and religious customs to children, they are more likely to appreciate them than if you ask them to blindly follow along. To help you do this, we bring you some of our own articles on various festivals, which have been published in RobinAge over the years.          

Makar Sankranti: How the Kite Festival is celebrated across India.

Holi: How and why we celebrate Holi. Also read a simple explanation of the legend behind Holi

Easter: The origins of Easter and the significance of Lent and Holy Week. 

Eid-Ul-Fitr: The significance of Ramzan and Eid.

Onam: The significance of Onam as explained by one of our young readers.

Ganesh Chaturthi: The significance of Lord Ganesh in his many forms.

Durga Pooja: The origin and traditions of Durga Pooja.

Diwali: The legends behind the Festival of Lights and the significance of Diwali rituals and celebrations. 

Christmas: The legend of Santa Claus and Christmas traditions around the world. Also explain to your children the significance of various Christmas symbols and carols.

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