Brain Boosting Foods That Kids Should Eat During Exams

Brain Boosting Foods That Kids Should Eat During Exams
by Namita Jain, certified clinical wellness specialist with Bombay Hospital

Come exam time, children can use all the extra energy you can give them. Include these 5 foods in their diet to give them that extra boost for their body and brain! 

A high-energy fruit that will fill kids up 

Why Kids Should Eat Them: Rich in potassium and sugar, bananas provide the body with nourishment and instant energy. A large banana has about 100 calories. It is richer in solids and lower in water content than most fresh fruits and provides quick recovery from fatigue.

Tip: Blend bananas with milk, water and honey for a smooth and frothy smoothie.

A high-fibre snack

Why Kids Should Eat Them: Rich in iron and calcium, figs improve blood quality and build strong bones.

Tip: Chop fresh or dried figs and add them to breakfast cereal. The fibre will fill kids up and energise them through the day.

The king of nuts 

Why Kids Should Eat Them: When it comes to nuts, almonds have the highest calcium and fibre content. Their high nutritional value is the reason they are called the king of nuts. Kids can consume 6 to 8 pieces every day.

Tip: Add sliced almonds to chopped fruit or cereal.

A super energy enhancing food

Why Kids Should Eat Them: Filling and nutrient-rich, sprouts increase valuable amino acid (protein) content in the body. Popular sprouts are mung, alfalfa, kidney beans and chickpeas.

Tip: Add sprouts to sandwiches and salads.

Cooling and filling

Why Kids Should Eat It: Yoghurt is a delicious, filling snack that now comes in an array of flavours. It contains probiotics, which improve the functioning of the digestive tract.

Tip: Top yoghurt off with fresh fruit and honey.

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