10 Yoga Asanas for Kids

In theory, yoga is really, really good for kids. It helps them build focus, de-stress, increase stamina and strengthen the body. But thinking back to our own childhood (much of which was spent not doing what we were told was good for us), we've often wondered how many children are actually willing to do yoga. As it turns out, the answer is 'a lot'! 

Over the past few weeks, when talking to children about how they unwind during exam time, we were pleasantly surprised to meet many kids who regularly use yoga techniques like breathing to relax and focus. If you are looking to introduce your child to yoga, try out these 10 asanas, taught by wellness expert Namita Jain and featured on RobinAge.com. 

Breathing Exercises
1. Breathing Exercises
Benefits: Relaxes the body and mind

Palm Tree Pose2. Palm Tree Pose
Benefits: Stretches and strengthens the body
Triangle Pose
3. Triangle Pose
Benefits: Regulates the digestive system and massages the internal organs, such as the liver

Dancer Pose
4. Dancer Pose
Benefits: Strengthens the legs and improves stability and concentration

Balancing Stick Pose
5. Balancing Stick Pose
Benefits: Stretches the spine, arms and legs and improves balance
Benefits: Strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves stability
Knee Hug
7. Knee Hug
Benefits: Stretches the hips and lower back
Lying Down Spinal Twist

8. Lying Down Spinal Twist
Benefits: Improves spine flexibility and strengthens the abdomen
The Wheel
9. The Wheel
Benefits: Stretches and strengthens the spine, chest and shoulders

Breathing and Relaxation
10. Breathing and Relaxation
Benefits: Improves lung capacity and relaxes the body

Namita Jain is a certified clinical wellness specialist with Bombay Hospital. She has authored fitness books and DVDs sold under the brand label ‘Jaldi Fit’. For more information log on to www.jaldifit.com

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