10 Quick-Fix Afterschool Snacks

For most children, the afterschool snack is perhaps the best meal of the day. With a full day of school behind them, kids are usually famished. And with an evening of homework, classes and playing with friends ahead, they can use all the energy you can give them. Besides, since the 4pm snack is not one of the three staple meals of the day, there's room for improvisation and innovation. If you are running out of ideas of what to serve up to your kids when they get home from school, check out this list of our favourite quick-fix recipes by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, as featured on RobinAge.com. (Click on the links for the complete recipe.)

1. Paneer Frankie: This recipe is sure to become an all-time favourite with your kids.

Paneer Frankie

2. Cornflakes Bhel: A twist on the classic bhel.

Cornflakes Bhel

3. Peanut Tikkis: Your kids will love these served with ketchup or their favourite chutney.

Peanut Tikkis

4. Tortilla Rolls: These yummy rolls are stuffed with lots of veggies including bell peppers and corn.

Tortilla Rolls

5. Pizza Triangles: All the fun of pizza on wholewheat toast.

Pizza Triangles

6. Vegetable BurgersThese delicious burgers are packed with the goodness of rajma and beetroot.

Vegetable Burgers

7. Besan Masala Roti: Serve these hot with a little pickle.

Besan Masala Roti

8. Aloo Corn Cups: Child-friendly chaat.

Aloo Corn Cups

9. Baked Beans Wrap: An easy wrap that kids will love.

Baked Beans Wrap

10. Moong Toast with Cheese: A great way to trick your kids into eating pulses!

Moong Toast with Cheese

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