Natural & Organic Food Products for Kids

Natural & Organic Food Products for Kids
Whether you shop for groceries online or at your local supermarket, you've probably noticed the many locally-manufactured organic and natural products that are now available in India. Here we bring you a list of our favourite natural food products that kids will love.

24 Mantra Organic Honey Stars: This delicious breakfast cereal is made from amaranth (rajgira or ramdana) and is great both for rushed mornings and as an on-the-go snack for kids.

Apart from the stars, which are also available in a mango flavour, 24 Mantra offers various other breakfast cereals like ragi flakes, corn flakes and multigrain flakes as well as an entire range of organic, pesticide-free products including grains, attas, spices, dried fruits, jams, juices and cookies.

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Conscious Food Raw Sugar: Kids have a sweet tooth, there's no denying it. Which is why this is a great product to bring home.While refined sugar is nothing more than pure carbohydrates, raw sugar retains minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. Use it when making desserts or nimbu pani and rest easy as your kids enjoy their sweet treats.

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Under the Mango Tree Honey: Apart from tasting great, honey energises the body, builds immunity, fights bacteria and promotes healing. Serve honey on toast or chapatis topped with sliced bananas for a healthy and delicious snack or give your child a teaspoon of honey and soaked almonds in the morning for a quick boost of energy and nutrition. Honey mixed with a little turmeric or black pepper is also great for sore throats. UTMT's all-natural single-origin honey is sourced directly from small farmers across rural India and comes in a variety of flavours influenced either by a single flora source (litchi, eucalyptus, sweet clover) or region (desert, wild forest).

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Zealeo Clusters: Just when you thought that the supermarket is a veritable minefield of processed, junk food, here comes a product that kids will love grabbing off the shelves and parents will be happy to allow into their shopping carts. Made from dried fruits, nuts and honey, Zealeo clusters come in three flavours including cashew-raisin, mango-coconut and nutties. The attractive packaging will get your kids excited and what's inside is sure to satisfy your discerning taste.

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Soulfull Fills: If your child likes to snack on chocolate flavoured cereals, this product is a healthier alternative. Made from ragi and dal, this cereal comes in three flavours, namely chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Your kids will love seeing a handful in their snack box or added to a bowl of cold milk in the morning.

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Satvikk Dried Cranberries: Though dried cranberries contain added sugar, they are full of vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants and essential minerals. That they are delicious is just an added bonus. They can be eaten plain as a snack or added to salads or cereals for a delicious sweet-sour twist. 

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