Kids Who Read: Nachiketa S R, Class 10, Carmel School, Bengaluru

Kids Who Read: Nachiketa S R, Class 10, Carmel School, Bengaluru
*While so many parents worry that reading is a dying art, we meet children every day who can't get enough of books. In this series, we feature book recommendations by kids, for kids.*

Nachiketa is an avid reader and we know this because she is a regular contributor to RobinAge's 'Books & Nooks' page, sending in book reviews and interviews of authors she has met.

For Nachiketa, reading is not just a way to pass time. She says, "Reading has not only helped me learn about various stories, but it has also helped me academically. Due to my reading habit, my grammar and vocabulary skills have improved a lot and I have scored well in my exams.

Reading has also helped me learn new words and explore the hidden and in-depth meaning of each word. I like to read fantasy and scientific books, as they teach you about various things and help you gain knowledge. Besides reading, I love listening to music and playing the veena, a musical instrument."

Nachiketa's 5 All-time Favourite Books:
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Taranauts series by Roopa Pai

Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan

The Wordkeepers by Jash Sen

Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle

Harry Potter series by J K Rowling

For more book recommendations for kids, log on to the Books & Nooks section of RobinAge.com

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