Creative Parents: Kaushal Sanghvi

Creative Parents: Kaushal Sanghvi
*In this series, we talk to parents who have found creative and engaging ways to spend time with their children.*

Dentist Kaushal Sanghvi spends her time at home doing experiments and art and craft with her children. She says, “It all started with me wanting my children to sit in one place, so I had to get them involved in something interesting as well as informative. My aim was to mix playtime and study time. Initially, I would take half an hour, call it study time and then ask my kids to do fun things like mixing colours to form other colours. 

From here, it progressed to simple science experiments at home. I would teach them the properties of magnets and show them how a magnet gets attracted to iron. They would then run around the house looking for iron. For them, study time became interesting, interactive and fun. They also remember what they have done since they are learning by action.” Sanghvi sources her experiments and activities online and finds the Internet extremely resourceful as there are so many things one can discover.

Kaushal's Creative Parenting Tips:
  • Firstly, have a clear idea of what you want to do with your child. Have all your equipment ready before organising an activity like a science experiment at home.
  • Know your child’s attention span, tell them what you’re going to work on and make it animated and exciting.
  • Appreciate their efforts. I put up an exhibition string in the house that displays all their work. So every time they draw or create something and if it’s nice, it goes up on the exhibition string. People who visit our home also see their creations. This way they get encouraged to work and do better. My children also make personalised gift wrapping for their friends using the artwork they have created. So that way, I save space and it also keeps them interested in what they are doing.
  • Try to host different activities and not make it monotonous. Children love trying out new things.
  • Throw a lot of information at them. It doesn’t matter if they remember it or they don’t.

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