Classic Games for the Whole Family (Age: 6 to 14)

No matter how exciting the latest mobile games are, we refuse to believe they can replace board games. Apart from the more apparent benefits—kids enjoy playing board games and they are a great way for families to bond—educators have found that board games have a lot to offer:
  • They allow for healthy competition and teach kids how to win and lose with grace.
  • They teach social skills like following rules, communicating effectively, working as a team and waiting for one's turn.
  • They encourage logical thinking and teach children how to detect patterns, strategise and plan ahead.
  • Some games help children refine their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Most importantly though, they are tons of fun! Check out these classic games that you might have played as a child, which your kids are sure to enjoy. They are great to have around for a weekend at home, a family vacation or when you are in the mood for some screen-free entertainment.
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Mikado: Mikado is a game of skill and patience that requires players to remove sticks from a pile without disturbing the other sticks. This writer remembers playing Mikado in her classroom during breaktime. Back then we had a plastic set that the whole class shared, but this wooden set comes in a nice little wooden box that will ensure your sticks don't get lost.
Price: ₹199

Jenga: Much like Mikado, Jenga also requires skill and patience as you stack wooden blocks while making sure they don't fall over. You can opt for a classic version, Junior Jenga for littler ones or the tube pack, that comes in a durable and portable box.
Price: ₹199 to 599

Go to the Head of the Class: This general-knowledge based game was a favourite in this writer's home and is a great way for kids to play and learn at the same time. It's only drawback is perhaps that the questions asked are sometimes based on American themes, but it's still a great game for all ages.
Price: ₹349 

Bed Bugs: This Funskool game will have you and your family laughing and screaming as you try to grab bugs off the vibrating bed frame with a pair of tongs. If you like this game, you will also like Hungry Hippos.
Price: ₹499 to 549  

Games for Mystery Buffs: For those of you who like a bit of thrill, you can check out Cluedo, which involves solving a murder mystery, or the award-winning Scotland Yard, in which you must attempt to catch a criminal who is causing havoc in the streets of London.
Price: ₹399 to 499  

Battleship: A great game for action junkies and history buffs, Battleship is a classic naval warfare game in which you must look for your opponent's fleet of ship by calling out squares on the grid. The game is available in a classic format as well as a travel size that is great to carry along on long journeys and road trips.
Price: ₹ 149 to 499

Scrabble: For this writer, playing Scrabble with her father has become something of a ritual ever since she was 6 years old. You can opt for the Junior Scrabble Crossword game for younger players or the classic version.
Price: ₹699 to 749

Monopoly: This all-time favourite needs no introduction. Promising hours of fun, it comes in various versions including deluxe, travel size, e-banking which uses credit cards instead of cash and even an India edition.
Price: ₹225 to 1499

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