Fun Bedroom Accessories & DIY Decor for Kids

Fun Bedroom Accessories & DIY Decor for Kids
Children love having a space in the house to call their own...whether it's a whole bedroom, one side of a shared bedroom or even a corner of a shared space like a living room or balcony.

Giving children their own spot in the house has many advantages:
  • It serves as a quiet place where children can complete their homework and study.
  • Giving children their own space can be a great way to teach responsibility,
    especially with respect to cleanliness and keeping one's belongings in order.
  • It also gives kids a place where they can spend time alone or with friends, playing with toys, reading or engaging in hobbies.
  • When children are allowed to personalise their own space, it gives them an opportunity to get creative and express themselves.
It's ideal to keep your child's room or corner free of distractions like televisions and computers. Children are better off using such devices in a shared space like a living room anyway. Instead, use these fun accessories and decoration ideas to help your child make the spot their own:

Wall Stickers: These wall stickers from UberLyfe are a simple and cheap way to brighten up any room or corner. If your child dreams of travel and adventure, check out  the World Trip Map Art and World Monument stickers. We also loved the sea animal and transport themed stickers for tots.
Price: ₹400 to 700 on Amazon.in

Foldable Storage Boxes: Whether it's clothes or toys, collapsible storage boxes are a great way to keep things organised. And when you don't need them, you can simply fold them up and put them away. We loved the laundry and toy storage boxes from UberLyfe, which feature a variety of motifs on a simple off white base. If you have a little car freak in your house, check out this nifty racing-themed toy box and playmat from Neat Oh. You can also go in for a storage bin-cum-stool such as this school-bus themed box or the ones by Ramsons that come in three different designs-Barbie, Chhota Bheem and cake shop!
Price: ₹599 to 2099 on Amazon.in

Desk Lamps: A good desk lamp is essential, especially if your child is using a shared space. This will allow him/ her to read or study early in the morning or at night without disturbing others. We especially liked this bright yellow lamp from Philips, which is also available in red and blue.
Price: ₹1150 on Amazon.in

DIY Decor: We are big fans of reducing, reusing and recycling, so if you aren't looking to spend too much, look for stuff around the house that you can use. The possibilities are endless so get together with your child, let your imagination run wild and you could have a lot of fun with this. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Put your favourite photos, your child's artwork or interesting images from magazines into old photo frames and hang them on the walls.
  • Nail sturdy wicker or plastic baskets into the wall for instant shelving.
  • Remove the labels from old jam jars and use them to organise stationery like pencils, crayons and felt pens.  
  • Cut the flaps off old cartons and cover them in gift wrapping paper followed by plastic (the kind you use to cover books) for instant storage bins. 

Happy decorating to you!

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