Creative Parents: Sreeja Menon

Creative Parents: Sreeja Menon
*In this series, we talk to parents who have found creative and engaging ways to spend time with their child.*

Sreeja Menon, a doting mother of two, insists that the best way to help children find their creative skills is to let them get bored. She says, “Children are at their best when they are bored. They always find something to do out of what they have. I don’t allow them to use an iPhone or iPad, but just let them be.” So what exactly do her children do? 

“My husband is a professional filmmaker, so at home too we shoot short movies with the children. We give them a situation and they perform. Once my daughter tied a cloth around her head and became a bandit for the movie. It’s amazing to see how they think creatively.” Menon also involves her children in science experiments at home. She has taught her children origami and lets them mend and bend the rules. Her son is an avid maze designer and her daughter makes organic lip balm and tamarind candies when at home!

Sreeja's Creative Parenting Tips: 
  • A parent has to cater to all their child’s needs. Make sure you’re involved in all the activities too.
  • Throw questions at them and let them think and use their imagination to find answers.
  • It is important to make time for children; at least an hour or half an hour per day should be enough.
  • Internet is only for parents and children shouldn’t be allowed to use it. Parents can use it for sourcing interesting and interactive activities and do it at home.
  • Children love doing things with their hands. Teach them any craft or artwork and they will take it to the next level with their creativity.
  • Give children time and space to figure things at home. They should learn how to utilise the resources they are provided with.  

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