Books: Miss Muglee Goes to Mumbai by Shaheen & Saker Mistri (Age: 3 to 8)

Books: Miss Muglee Goes to Mumbai (Age: 3 to 8)
We received this book a few years ago for a review and just fell in love with it. Then we found out that that it had been illustrated by a student from Akanksha, the Mumbai-based NGO that works with underprivileged children.So then we did a story in RobinAge on the book and its young illustrator, Sirajul Khan. We fell even more in love with the book and read and re-read it. And then we lost our copy :(

Quite the anti-climax it was. But that won't stop us from encouraging you to pick up your own copy of this beautifully produced book featuring Miss Muglee, a charming lady crocodile on her first trip to Mumbai. The illustrations by Sirajul and his art teacher, Sheetal Shah, bring alive the story, written by Akanksha founder Shaheen Mistri and her daughter Saker. It's perfect for young readers and makes for a great gift too! Buy it on Amazon.in or Flipkart.com (Price: ₹200)

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