5 Awesome Stationery Products for Kids

5 Awesome Stationery Products for Kids
When this RobinAge staffer was in school, cool stationery was something to be coveted. These treasures were acquired from foreign cousins who would visit in the summer, or from spending princely sums at stores that stocked imported goods (much to the displeasure of our parents). And the really lucky kids, whom everyone was jealous of, were those who got to travel abroad and buy the stuff for themselves. 

Today one can access the best international stationery brands online and even at the local corner stationer. But easy access hasn't made stationery any less awesome.

Nice stationery not only makes for a great gift, but will also encourage children to come up with creative ways to use it. Here we bring you 5 of our favourite stationery items that kids will just love! 

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Faber - Castell Connector Pens: This set of 15 pens are designed for easy grip and are great for colouring. But the best part is that they clip together, making them fun to use and easy to store.
Price: 75 

Crayola Washable Window Markers: This set of 8 washable markers will let your child turn any window into a work of art!
Price: 299

Sky Kidz 101 Colour Wheel: There's nothing better than a big box of colours to get a child's creative juices flowing. This set comes in a big round yellow tray that folds in half and is easy to carry.
Price: ₹399

Maped 5 - Blade Crea Cut Scissor Case: Whether your child is working on a greeting card or a project for school, craft scissors are so much fun. This set offers 5 blade options and are super-easy to use.
Price: 400

Simba Art and Fun Paper Emboss: This tool allows kids to emboss paper with fun patterns like smiley faces, flowers and paw prints.
Price: 350

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