DIY: Vegetable Skeleton

DIY: Vegetable Skeleton
If you are a parent whose child loves veggies, stop reading this post and take a minute to pat yourself on the back. But if you are a more common species of parent who struggles to get little ones to eat healthy things, try out this fun recipe. Now we know you may not have time to do this every day, but give it a go on a weekend and watch the magic return to mealtimes!

What You Need:
  • Radish
  • Red bell pepper
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber, light and dark green
  • Coriander
  • Spinach

  • Slice a big piece of radish and use it to create the face of the skeleton. Add tiny bits of spinach to the top for hair.
  • For the spine, cut a dark green cucumber into 7 circles and place them below the face of the skeleton. Then, use 2 thin pieces of light green cucumber to make the arms of the skeleton.
  • Use strips of red bell pepper as the ribs, placing 4 on each side. (Did you know? Humans have 12 pairs of ribs!)
  • To complete the hands of the skeleton, use four strips of carrot and small slices of radish for the palm.
  • Place 8 or 9 slices of radish below the ribs, then 2 long strips of cucumber for the legs and add small circles of radish to complete the legs.
  • Place 2 small pieces of coriander below the radish circles to create the feet. Then add two tiny dots of sauce on the face to create the eyes. Your vegetable skeleton is ready!

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