Clothing & Furnishing: Popsicle by Roopali Piramal & Swati Gavaskar

Clothing: Popsicle by Roopali Piramal & Swati Gavaskar
We have a theory that if kids knew how precious bedtime becomes in adulthood, there would be less tantrums and more eyes-shut-and-straight-to-bed. But until that faraway dream comes true, parents must resort to the usual bedtime treats...stories, lullabys and PJs that kids can't wait to put on. That's where Popsicle comes in, with its soft cotton bedtime linen and clothing. Your kids will love the whimsical prints featuring tigers, baby elephants, airplanes and of course, popsicles. And if these PJs don't do the trick for your child, you can always slip into your own set of Popsicles' adult sleepwear and get some much-needed shut-eye yourself. Check out Popsicle's collection on Facebook

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